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Posted on August 2nd, 2005

Books About Invincible Defense Technology (IDT)

An Antidote to Violence: Evaluating The Evidence. This June, 2020 book by Barry Spivack and Patricia Saunders examines extensive peer-reviewed research and suggests that Transcendental Meditation (TM) can influence the collective consciousness of society leading to a decrease in negative social trends, such as a decline in war fatalities, and to an increase in cooperation between nations. Weaving together psychology, sociology, philosophy, statistics, politics, physics and meditation, An Antidote to Violence provides evidence that mankind has a scientifically-verified means to reduce all kinds of societal violence.

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Terrorism, Retaliation, and Victory. Book by Colonel Brian M. Rees, Medical Corps, US Army Reserve, on using Transcendental Meditation to achieve a true, sustained victory over terrorism in America. 2004.
Permanent Peace. Book published in 2002 on Invincible Defense Technology by Robert Oates.
Victory Before War by Robert Keith Wallace, Ph.D. and Jay B. Marcus. This June, 2005 book puts Invincible Defense Technology in the modern context of preemptive war and terrorism.
Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Defence. Book by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1996. Bringing military power into alliance with Natural Law will ensure “victory before war.” Describes in detail how a prevention wing of each military could create world peace and individual freedom.

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