Victory Before War

Charts from Dr. David Leffler's interview on The Simplest Ways with host David Adelson

Can we end a war before we send our soldiers into a dangerous "hot spot?" Can it be possible to prevent the birth of an enemy before war becomes inevitable - or to end existing conflicts - through meditation? Sounds outrageous, but research shows a simple technology we need to consider. Dr. David Leffler, Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Military Science discusses Invincible Defense Technology which has been successfully applied by the military. He explains that if more militaries were to apply these non-destructive and non-lethal technologies, they could reduce collective societal stress and therefore, prevent war and terrorism. Below are the charts he refers to in his hour-long interview Victory Before War.

Typical Military Model

This is the old defense approach in light of the model of social stress. The military is ineffective in the long term because it does not address social stress.

Invincible Military Model

New Invincible Defense Technology reduces social stress before war, violence and terrorism break out.


Typical Military Model

Effect of TM Group Size on Serotonin/Cortisol Ratio: The serotonin/cortisol (brain chemicals) ratio in the local population changed with the size of the TM practitioner group. A high ratio is associated with a high state of well-being. Ratio of Daily Mean Overnight 5-HIAA to Cortisol Excretion Rates (natural logarithm) and the Prior Afternoon Change in Daily TM-Group Participation. Reference: Walton, K.G., Cavanaugh, K..L. and Pugh, N.D. (2004). Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 339-373.

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