Invincible Defense Technology
Is the Ultimate Homeland Security Strategy

How do we stop war, prevent terrorism and make our homelands secure? How can we achieve invincibility?

There is a scientific solution for a strong military that is a nonlethal approach to achieve this goal. It is called Invincible Defense Technology (IDT).

Invincible: Incapable of being defeated. Unconquerable.

Invincible Defense Technology is the best solution for a strong national defense:

  • Scientifically studied and field-tested
  • Quietly demonstrated in conflict-prone regions
  • Non-religious, nonpartisan
  • Easy to implement
  • The ultimate approach for conducting operations other than war (OOTW).

Invincible Defense News

Voice of the Cape’s after five Drivetime Show has a national and international flavor focusing on issues making news where the biggest story of the day or week is analyzed. South African host Shafiq Morton interviewed American Dr. David Leffler on a unique solution to the growing violence in Kiev, Ukraine. Listen to the 20-minute interview on online. This interview was inspired by Dr. Leffler’s Op-Ed coauthored with Dr. Mykola Didukh titled [ Invincible Defense Technology ] Proven Strategy to Prevent Turmoil in Ukraine. Their editorial was published in the Ukraine in English, Russian and Ukrainian and was picked up and published worldwide.

An Op-Ed titled A Proven Solution to the Syrian Crisis by Teresa Studzinski and Dr. David Leffler was published worldwide in:

Pravda (Russia), China Daily (China)InternationalNews (Australia), The Daily Mail (Pakistan), Nation of Change (USA), Mangalorean (India), South Asia Mail (North America), Yerepouni News (Armenia), Codewit World News (Nigeria), Lahore Times (Pakistan), Weekly Blitz (Bangladesh), Bulawayo24 (Zimbabwe), LiMiT (World Service), Geopolitics & Daily News (Greece), MEpeace (Middle East Peace, Israel), Counter Information (USA), PkArticlesHub (Pakistan), Mareeg (Somalia), The Daily Digest (USA), and (China).

From an article by Lt. Gen. (Ret) Clarence E. McKnight - “I have first-hand knowledge of the power of [the side benefits of IDT for the individual warrior] stemming from my time at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, way back in 1971…”

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