No One Wants The Nobel War Prize

Posted on July 8th, 2008

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LEFFLER – No One Wants The Nobel War Prize – 8-Sep-2008

Most world leaders would be honored to receive a Nobel Peace Prize. Unfortunately, if there were a Nobel War Prize, almost all governments would be eligible. Government leaders worldwide have been approached by eminent scientists and other emissaries. These advocates urged for the establishment of national peace-creating forces to counteract the collective stress that fuels terrorism and war. They advocate a scientific approach to peace called “Invincible Defense Technology.” Today’s worldwide climate of war and terrorism enriches arms dealers and causes heart wrenching misery. Despite the overwhelming volumes of scientific research that validate the effectiveness of this approach, most governments still choose not to adopt this prevention strategy. Claims that there are no alternatives to violence are untrue. Renowned Vedic scholar and physicist Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the leading advocate of this war and terrorism prevention strategy, suspects that many world leaders refuse to adopt it because it is profitable to create fear in order to sell arms. “This is what is happening in Israel, in Northern Ireland, everywhere. Selling arms is a shameful profession. Arms dealers tell defense ministers: ‘Your neighbor has this new fighter plane and that new missile, so you must have them, too, or your security will be jeopardized.’ Even poor countries go deeply in debt purchasing these weapons. It’s shameful for arms sellers to live on the killing of others.”

Maharishi argues that armed forces cannot defend against all enemies. He says, “The military is not competent to defend the country against an enemy that cannot be seen, or against a missile that can come and put the whole society to ashes. The military is only competent to die and kill. And both are a sin: getting oneself killed is a sin, and killing another is a sin. It’s a very ignorant approach to defense. Prevention is the only way to defend the nation, and the only effective prevention is Vedic defence, which prevents the birth of an enemy.”

The primary components of Maharishi’s Vedic system of defense are the Transcendental Meditation (TM) and TM-Sidhi programs. Over 600 studies conducted at 200 research institutes and universities document the positive benefits gained from the twice-daily practice of these programs. This research indicates that all areas of life are affected in a positive way: mind, body, behavior, and the environment. Findings published in leading peer-reviewed journals include: improved work relations, increased creativity and intelligence, increased productivity, and improved health, as well as reduced stress-related diseases, and decreases in terrorism, war and crime.

The TM program was first introduced by Maharishi nearly 50 years ago. Nearly five million people worldwide have learned the simple technique. It involves an effortless and natural process practiced 15 to 20 minutes twice-daily. The TM program can be easily learned by anyone regardless of religious belief, age or education level. When practiced in large groups with its advanced technique, the TM-Sidhi program, societal coherence is generated, reducing negative trends and promoting positive tendencies in society.

Maharishi argues that in their present form, despite humanitarian missions, armed forces have outlived their usefulness: “The times have changed. ‘Defend the nation by killing your enemy’ is an outdated military strategy. It is obsolete. You kill your enemy today and another enemy will kill you tomorrow—and then what is left?”

“Prevention is the only way for defense,” Maharishi says. “Intelligent military thinking dictates that you prevent the birth of an enemy—that you make your enemy into your friend. It will be much easier to make your enemy your friend than it will be to defend yourself against an unseen enemy.” This is why Maharishi also calls his Vedic system of defense “Invincible Defense Technology.” The strategy is very simple—no enemies—no war or terrorism. With no enemies, the military becomes invincible.

Maharishi requests that every country create Prevention Wings of the Military whose primary duty is to practice the TM and TM-Sidhi program. Militaries are already paid to defend their nations. Maharishi urges all governmental leaders to order their militaries to adopt Maharishi’s Invincible Defense Technology immediately. This would demonstrate modern, enlightened thinking. Big sticks are passé. Cutting-edge military defense involves big ideas, not big sticks. The Nobel War Prize is a booby prize, and its high price is no prize at all.

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DAVID R LEFFLER, PhD – Executive Director, Center for Advanced Military Science at the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy

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