Invincible Nepal: An Ancient Vedic Technology for Modern Security Challenges of Nepal

Posted on August 1st, 2008

Shreenath Journal

Invincible Nepal: An Ancient Vedic Technology for Modern Security Challenges of Nepal

By Lt. Col. Jitendra Jung Karki


This article was originally published in a military magazine in Nepal – Shreenath Journal, August 2008, pages 16-20, vol 1. – reprinted with permission

1. Nepal had been a Vedic Country since the establishment and follower of Vedic science since then. Each and every foundation of Nepal was created according to the Law’s of Nature and Vedic science. And only thing we should understand clearly is exploring and adopting vedic concept is a scientific matter, not a religious concept of Hindus only, who have applied it in a religious way.

2. Nepal, the land of Himalayas and Veda, is today facing a great challenge of increasing internal violence, by various groups of insurgents. How do we stop war, prevent terrorism and make our homelands secure? How can we achieve invincibility? Living in peace and perpetual happiness is not only an intrinsic desire, but fervent collective wish of humankind. Will there ever be an end to terrorism, war and conflict? Is there a way to reduce collective stress and create peace? As we can see collective stress is the root cause of all these problems.

What is Invincible Defence?

3. Invincible Defense Technology is a non-lethal, preemptive national defense strategy. It is better that other solutions for a strong military because it prevents enemies from arising, and neutralizes existing enemies. The courageous world leaders who implement Invincible Defense Technology will be remembered. They will be honored for making their nations invincible using a power stronger than any armament.

4. There is a scientific solution for a strong military that is a non-lethal approach to achieve this goal. It is called Invincible Defense Technology. Invincible Defense Technology is the best solution for a strong military due to following reasons:

  • Scientifically studied
  • Quietly demonstrated in conflict-prone regions
  • Non-religious, nonpartisan
  • Easy to implement
  • The ultimate approach for conducting operations other than war (OOTW).

Why Invincible Defence?

5. Today we are living in a strife-torn world. Terrorism, wars and conflict are prevalent in many parts of the world. Lives are being lost every day. There appears to be no end to rivalries and conflicts between communities, religious groups and nations–big and small. Perhaps. Invincible Defence Technology, drawn from Vedic heritage, is awakening, creating new possibilities. Modern science has validated its effectiveness. It is just a matter of time before all militaries worldwide will deploy Invincible Defense Technology as their first line of defence.

6. The point of Invincible Defense Technology is to prevent an enemy from arising. Without enemies, everyone wins. This is why the technology is invincible. Terrorism cannot be eliminated by destroying the terrorists. Any step in the direction of destruction only helps to create more terrorists. More terrorists only results in more waves of destruction. There is no wisdom in initiating a continuous theme of destruction in the name of protection. Prudence dictates eliminating the underlying cause of terrorism, war and all types of violence—collective social stress.

7. The USA has the largest defence budget in the world. Despite this, it could not prevent the attacks of 11 Sept 01. The humbling of the USA is a grim indicator that continuing to use only conventional, weapons-based approaches will not end negativity and create world peace. The time is ripe to adopt a new approach. As Maharishi says: “Only a new seed will yield a new crop. Only a new philosophy and new efforts based on new knowledge will fulfill the age old dream of the wise for prevention of crime, terrorism and wars and maintenance of world peace on a permanent basis.”

8. Recent discoveries in the domain of quantum physics and human consciousness, reveal that the field of consciousness is far more basic and powerful than the nuclear field. “This field of consciousness-termed the unified field in the language of quantum physics-is millions of times more fundamental and powerful than the nuclear force.

How it works?

9. After Mozambique’s civil war, the economy boomed, and the crime rate decreased. President Alberto Joachim Chissano attributed the war’s demise and these other positive trends largely to new human resource technology he called a “new secret weapon.” He and many other military leaders are convinced that these changes occurred from the implementation of this new technology called vedic defence technology.

10. On 18 April 1999, 200 Serbian troops entered the Prevlaka Peninsular demilitarized zone just 40 kilometers from our Dubrovnik Peace Project hotel. The obvious purpose of this invasion was to expand the war and involve Croatia in the conflict. Shock waves rushed through Croatia. Invincible Croatia The Dubrovnik Peace Project started with 30 Yogic Flyers the same day as the invasion. By the next day there were sufficient Flyers to create coherence for the Dubrovnik/Prevlaka region. The number of Yogic Flyers continued to increase during the 10 days of the Serbian occupation of the Peninsular. By 28 April there were 134 Yogic Flyers.

During nine of the ten days of the Serbian occupation there were enough Flyers at the Dubrovnik Peace Project to create coherence for the region. This coherence in collective consciousness provides an unseen invincible armour of defence against destructive outside influences. The result of this was seen during this 10-day period. Nothing happened. Then suddenly, without any obvious reason, on 28 April the Serbian troops gave up their mission in the Peninsular and withdrew.

11. Above mentioned successful examples clearly indicates of such an “invincible shield” is the Meissner Effect (see figure). It takes place at the quantum level of superconductivity. In a superconductor, the coherent functioning of the electrons spontaneously excludes an external, disruptive magnetic field. This system maintains its impenetrable status because no random or chaotic activity can take place within it. Ordinary electrical conductors are not impenetrable because the random activity of incoherent and disordered electrons allows penetration of an external magnetic field.

diagram explaining the Meissner Effect

diagram explaning the Maharishi Effect

On the left, an external magnetic field penetrates an ordinary conductor whose electrons behave in a chaotic or disorderly way. On the right, the external magnetic field is excluded from the interior of a super-conductor whose electrons function in a coherent collective manner – invincibility. The Maharishi Effect creates invincible “national armor” that cannot be penetrated by the collective negativity of other countries.

Nepal’s Perspective?

12. Nepal, being a vedic country, where 80% of population is sheltered under vedic culture. Still, Her all government administrations and all the security agencies functions according to vedic calendar. So Nepal can have enough vedic potential and vedic environment to explore the exact significance of vedic science and trade them abroad.

13. Nepal’s foreign polity stands for general and complete disarmament of all weapons of mass destruction including nuclear, chemical, and biological and others. As a party to Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) and signatory to Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), Nepal supports the nuclear weapons free zones wherever they are established. Nepal’s foreign policy and defence policy is largely committed for the peaceful world so it will be compatible for Nepal to adopt non- lethal vedic defence polity.

14. Since her joining the United Nations on 14 December 1955, Nepal has reposed her abiding faith in the principles and purposes enshrined in the UN Charter. Nepal attaches great importance to the centrality of the United Nations in the multilateral affairs, especially in the maintenance of international peace and security and in promoting international cooperation for the economic and social development. Promotion of international peace and security assumes paramount importance of the United Nations. Nepal has been consistently supporting the UN efforts in the maintenance of international peace and security through her continuous participation in the UN Peacekeeping operations since 1958. Nepal shares its important contribution in UN for the peaceful world specially troops contribution by nepal army stands fifth by 2008. Nepal army can play a leading role with it’s readymade vedic manpower for crisis management in the conflict area of the world with the priceless and effortless modification of on-going vedic culture.

15. In post insurgency and Transitional period Nepal’s political system is largely affected by the large number of negative influences. Now is the right time to set up the defence policy as Vedic so that it is solely benefited by the Nation at the correct time of Need. However Nepal’s defence and foreign strategy is unknowingly compatible with the Vedic defence strategy in the following senses:

Old Strategies of National Defense New Strategies of National Defense
Strategy of controlling the enemy on the basis of fear and destruction Strategy of controlling the enemy on the basis of the power of friendliness and coherence, which destroys enmity
Fear-based defense technology means negativity-based defense—destruction. It is clear that this principle of defense is self-defeating. Accepting death for the sake of defense!!! Trust-based defense technology means positivity-based defense—enriching to life. This is the self-fulfilling principle of defense; confidence in one’s own level of invincibility
Strategy of destroying the enemy to safeguard the peace and prosperity of one’s own nation Strategy of destroying enmity in the environment and thereby disallowing an enemy to arise, to safeguard the peace and prosperity of one’s own nation
Strategy of defense: skillful use of dynamism Strategy of defense: skillful use of silence
Military training was based on the strategy of restless dynamism of action Military training to be based on the strategy of restful, dynamic silence
Preparedness for war Victory before war
Readiness to attack in order to defend No need to defend—indomitable strength in national consciousness stops the birth of an enemy
Military responsible for meeting the danger when it has come Military responsible for averting the danger before it arises
National safety secured in the stockpiling of powerful weapons of mass destruction National safety secured by the increase of coherence in national consciousness creating an armor of invincibility for the nation
Defense based on attacking the strength of the enemy Defense based on attacking the weakness—enmity—the true enemy within both friend and foe
Might is right Right is might
Political treaties were no assurance for the defense and safety of the nation; the times have witnessed political friendliness today and invasion tomorrow Perpetual peace among nations on the basis of invincibility of all nations
The age-old responsibility of the military was to raise and maintain the power of destruction The new responsibility of the military is to raise and maintain higher consciousness for the nation


16. Nepal’s perspective in vedic studies is completely different than other countries and nepal has the capability for not only to explore the vedic concept of defence but also to lead the world with total concept of peace and security with its vedic population and vedic security forces. The hidden secrets in Veda about Nepalese sovereignty and bravery as Gurkha soldiers in the past needs to be researched and explored for the peace and stability in Nepal.

17. Lastly, for defence to be successful and invincible it has to be scientific; and if it has to be scientific, it has to be Vedic. If the study of defence is not supported by the theories of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, etc. Thus defence cannot be scientific. All theories of modern science uphold all disciplines of Vedic science because Vedic science is fundamental to modern science; whatever is Vedic that only is totally scientific.

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The Global Politician also published an editorial titled: Halt Nepal’s Political Unrest Now With Vedic Defence. This article was also featured in The Nepali Post. Another version retitled: Curing Nepal through the power of Invincible Defense Technology was published in The Comment Factory.

About the Author:

Lt. Col. Jitendra Jung Karki, Srinath Battalion, Nepal Lt. Col. Jitendra Jung Karki is the former commanding officer of Shreenath Battalion in the armed forces of Nepal. He is now assigned to the No 1 Brigade which guards the President of Nepal. Karki lives in Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu. He joined the army of Nepal in April 1988. LTC Karki has a degree in Commerce, and is a graduate of the Nepalese Army Command and Staff College. He commanded an independent company in Nepal during the insurgency period from 2004-06. Karki participated in four UN missions:

  1. UNIFIL: United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon,
  2. ONUB: United Nations Operation in Burundi,
  3. UNAMSIL: United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone,
  4. MONUC – United Nations Mission DR Congo

Lt. Col. Karki is a member and alumni of The Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies at National Defence University, Washington DC, USA. NESA promotes itself as “the preeminent U.S. Government institution for building relationships and understanding in the NESA region.” His latest publication is “NESA seminar against Terrorism and Vedic Defence Technology,” (in press) No 1 Brigade Journal.

Karki is married to Puspa Karki and has two daughters Darshana Karki and Daksthita Karki.

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