Op-Ed Piece “Reducing Tension in the Middle East” by Drs. Orme-Johnson and Leffler is Available Worldwide in over 50 Locations

Posted on December 10th, 2012


Ghana – Modern Ghana

Liberia – The Liberian Dialogue

Liberia – The Monrovia Post

USA – Liberian Mandingo Association of NY: Headline News from Liberia

NEW YORK  The Times of Earth


Afghanistan and United Kingdom (Based in Pakistan)  United News Service

Australia and Tonga – International News Magazine 

Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, continental Greece (including the Peloponnesus), Bulgaria, European Turkey, and SE Romania The Balkan Chronicle [According to this publication’s “About Us” page “The Balkan Chronicle was founded…by a group of people…from the various countries of the Balkan region.” For this reason, all of the locations mentioned above are included in this listing.]

Cyprus  The Famagusta Gazette

Greece – Geopolitics & Daily News

Greece – News Now

Pakistan – Kashmir Watch

USA – News Blaze

Romania  Aspecte Diplomatice/Diplomatic Aspects


India – The Morung Express

Israel – Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture

Ivory Coast – Ivoire Diaspo

Nepal Review Nepal

Pakistan – The World Tribune

Pakistan – The Statesman

Pakistan, South Asia, Middle East and United Kingdom – The News Tribe

United Kingdom  Middle East Online

USA – Maharishi University of Management


Canada  Canada Standard

China  China National News

Denmark  Denmark News

Egypt – Egypt News

France – France News

Germany  Germany News

India  Calcutta News

India  Kashmir Observer

Israel  Israel Herald

Israel  Israel News

Ireland  Irish Sun

Jordan – Alsiasi

New Zealand – Auckland News

Pakistan – United News Service

South Africa – South Africa News

South Korea – AsiaN

Spain  Spain News

Thailand  Thailand News


South Korea  The Seoul Times


Pakistan – PkArticlesHub


USA – OpEdNews


Israel – MEPEACE (Middle East Peace)

The Op-Ed also appeared in these Regional and other Non-National Publications

Arab Herald

Big News Network

Middle East Star

Middle East News

Net News Publisher

News Time Africa

The Moderate Voice

Nastranis: A Forum for Culture of Peace and Empowerment

Palestinian News

The Op-Ed article was highlighted at:

Global Good News

News BCC

QWT News – Expired link: http://www.qwtnews.com/?p=1184976

The Regator Expired link: http://regator.com/p/258445975/reducing_tension_in_the_middle_east_guest_voice/


SportballaExpired link: http://www.sportballa.com/2012/11/middle-east/voice-reducing-middle-east-tension-guest

The Uncarved Blog

Celebrityballa – Expired link: http://www.celebrityballa.com/2012/12/middle-east/middle-east-reducing-tension

Silobreaker – Expired link: https://www.silobreaker.com/reducing-tension-in-the-middle-east-guest-voice-5_2266151034353090560

News Trust – Expired link: http://newstrust.net/stories/9026339

Ghana Daily Eye – Expired link: http://ghanadailyeye.jibostudios.com/2012/11/25/reducing-tension-in-the-middle-east/

Niuzer – Expired link: http://www.niuzer.com/Africa/Reducing-tension-in-the-Middle-East-15341613.html

Witty Sparks – Expired link: http://flair.wittysparks.com/article/02fl0UJdmg72X/reducing-tension-in-the-middle-east


Humanitarian News – Expired link: http://humanitariannews.org/20121203/reducing-tension-middle-east

Sky News HD – Expired link: http://journalists.sky.com/article/03hpdUW4TLe7A

Penn Ave Post

On Top List – Expired link: http://www.ontoplist.com/post/c110cb0f2074c252e632bd7a6dce0b73/

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