Dr. Leffler’s Letter Published in New York City, South Korea & Nigeria

Posted on May 14th, 2016

If readers have been following the world news lately, that there have been some terrible things going on in high-stressed places such as Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan and tensions are running high in South Korea as well. These publications listed below are very concerned about the grave dangers they are facing, and they are now open to the great potential that Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) provides to quickly save many lives and prevent great suffering, at nominal cost. Perhaps this explains why they opted to publish Dr. David Leffler’s query letter in lieu of waiting for the actual article that he proposed to send them in the future.

As a nine-year US military veteran Dr. Leffler especially appreciated the version published in South Korea, where they added a picture of the world famous general Sun Tzu (孫子 or 孫武: BC545-BC470).

Here is a list of the IDT “eager beavers” to date that have published the query letter without waiting for the actual article:

NIGERIA: Dr. David Leffler (11 May 2016). Dr. Leffler Writes Masterweb On How Ukraine & US IDT Developments Affect Armed Forces Worldwide. Masterweb.

NEW YORK CITY: Dr. David Leffler (9 May 2016). Invincible Defense Technology – Military Use In Ukraine And Elsewhere. ValueWalk.

SOUTH KOREA: Dr. David Leffler (9 May 2016). How Ukraine & US IDT Developments Affect Armed Forces Worldwide including S. Korea. The Seoul Times.

In Dr. Leffler’s query letter readers will notice that he referenced an excellent article about Norwich University written by the David Lynch Foundation. Due to my query letter, The Lahore Times in Pakistan published this article and included two online videos from DLFTV:

Transcendental Meditation at Norwich University

These two short videos documenting IDT developments regarding the military of Ukraine and at Norwich University are powerful. Dr. Leffler hopes readers will watch them carefully soon.

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