Scoreboard of Invincible Nations

Various countries worldwide have exceeded, or are in the process of stabilizing the required number of individuals practicing Yogic Flying together in large groups, twice a day in one location, to create national invincibility. Through their practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program (including Yogic Flying), they are creating an influence of peace and progress for their nation.

The reader is advised that many of these Invincible Defense Technology coherence creating groups practicing Yogic Flying are staffed not by experienced military professionals, but mostly by young students.

Dr. Leffler salutes the students in these countries for taking this important first step of implementing Invincible Defense Technology.

It is not ideal, for students to assume the total responsibility for the protection of their nations. This can lead to problems. For instance, in one country after establishment of a student-based Invincible Defense Technology coherence creating group, students went on their unusual vacation break. During this crucial time for their nation, no fully-operational Invincible Defense Technology group was completely protecting their nation. Unfortunately, their nation’s collective stress built up to a dangerously high level and war broke out with a neighboring country.

Unlike students, military professionals are under oath to always be on call to defend their nations. This is why militaries traditionally stagger leave, and this is also why they should ultimately be responsible for establishing at least one large group of military Yogic Flyers. This can be easily done by funding, staffing and maintaining a Prevention Wing of the Military. This elite highly-trained unit would meditate together twice daily, ideally in one location, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In this manner, their nation is always and safely fully protected.

To find out the minimum number of Yogic Flyers necessary for your country’s military to protect your nation, please use the online “Square Root of One Percent of the Population Calculator” available on this webpage.