Supreme Military Science: Myth or Reality? by Leffler et. al. in India Defence Consultants

Posted on January 6th, 2002

This analysis appears in India Defence Consultants.


Supreme Military Science: Myth or Reality?

New Delhi, 06 January 2002

Supreme Military Might

An IDC Analysis

Recently we had an E-Mail from Dr David Leffler who sent us an updated version of his thesis on ‘Supreme Military Science’. We have great pleasure, in the New Year, to bring you the updated version –– post 9 /11 –– of the earlier philosophical piece. Written by learned scholars with a desire to propagate the message of peace and to reign in terrorism and all other Military ills by the route of Meditation –– especially the method made famous by Maharishiji. The articles may be viewed as shown below:

1. Supreme Military Science 1

2. Supreme Military Science 2

3. Supreme Military Science 3

IDC fully advocates that it is the mind that controls humans and it is the collective mind that controls groups or nations. Money, Relationships and Religion also enter the matrix of military equations. In modern times land battles appear to be confined to causes in the third world –– like Kashmir and in South Africa. The advanced world has reached maturity by leaving borders alone and Europe has adopted a common currency the EURO which seems a success, so money battles are being reduced in Europe. However, USA may react with the dollar but mainly in commercial battles.

We at IDC believe that human nature has not changed and religion still holds fervour. The Muslims feel strongly as they are under privileged and have resorted to the heinous crimes of terror — which is the plague sweeping the world. IDC has written extensively on the Cornelli Barnett theory of Defence Spending and in these times of force multipliers and software it is not reducing.

We now wish to focus on Fredrick Nitzse’s work. To understand the articles we recommend that every military man must read Nitzse, the philosopher who advocated that SOME GROUP MADNESS will always grip the world. Let us say Nazism, which exterminated Jews was a madness, Communism which suppressed so many was another madness. In India a mild madness –– Hindutva has surfaced, in Israel the right to deny some Palestinians their rights is present and in general there will always be madness. Hence we can curb militarism but never completely and only the form will be different. TERRORISM is a current madness, which we will have to live with till another madness or ism surfaces.

Samuel Huntington called this the Clash of Civilisations and since he like our writers in the pieces above have Harvard credentials we will not argue. IDC does however recommend YOGA and the ancient Indian way of meditation to all our viewers and as our writers come from the school of Divinity and we at IDC are Staff College trained, we agree to disagree –– but the military minds will enjoy the articles as they contribute to reducing the madness of Military minds and curbing Muslim fundamentalism which is the present cause of terrorism.

Despite being the land of Yoga and Ahimsa (non-violence) Indian leaders still talk of war with Pakistan, which IDC has discounted but then Madness in militarism is a possibility in all lands!

Extract of Dr Leffler’s E-Mail

“Dear IDC,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing an excellent forum for debate and analysis. IDC published works about invincible defence. You were brave trailblazers to publish these revolutionary works. We greatly appreciate that you kept an open mind toward your commitment of improving India’s defence. However, IDC has done much more than that. As you know, the Internet is global. Due to your fine website, people have read our articles from many other countries as well.

Since you published these works important new developments have taken place. Perhaps you will also agree that they should be addressed, especially in light of the terrorist attacks of September 11.

For this reason, we have added some links to the revised works. In particular, one of the links goes to a new on-line video entitled “How to Effectively Eliminate the Root Cause of Terrorism and War.” This video features Major General Singh (Ret.), a 35-year career Indian army veteran and leading terrorism expert with John Hagelin Ph.D., a Harvard trained award-winning quantum physicist, speaking recently on APTV throughout the USA. We urge you and your colleagues to listen to this video.

As you know, this is a most dangerous time for India, as well as the whole world. More terrorist attacks are likely to take place. Perhaps, the right person might read our article as well as the related linked works and take quick action. Such action could save many lives. For this reason, we would be most grateful if you could post the revised version of the articles as soon as possible.

Thanks again!


Dr. David Leffler”

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