Alternative German White Paper on the New Security and defence Policy-Invincible Defense Technology

Posted on January 23rd, 2009

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Alternative White Paper

On the New Security and Defence Policy of the Federal Republic of Germany and on the Future of the Bundeswehr

Indomitable Strength through a PREVENTION WING in the Military—Permanent Peace for all Nations Sovereignty in Invincibility


Foreword by Lieutenant Colonel Gunter Chassé

You Tube Video (German) by Lieutenant Colonel Gunter Chassé – Invincible Defense Through the Technology of the Unified Field

You Tube Video (German) Lieutenant Colonel Gunter Chassé – Invincible Federal Armed Forces Through 8000 Yogic Flyers

Chapter 1-The Situation Security Policy in the Past Germany in a New Era

The New Security Policy

The Challenges-Causes of Wars and Conflicts

Chapter 2-The Concept of the New German Security and Defence Policy

The Invincibility of Natural Law Natural Law in Human Consciousness

Integration of Society through a Coherent National Consciousness

The New Role of the Bundeswehr

The New Mission of the Bundeswehr: Prevention, from the Field of Silence

The New Structure of the Bundeswehr

The New Training of the Bundeswehr

Chapter 3-International Peace Activities and Alliance Policy Sovereignty in Invincibility

Germany in Alliance Germany and the United Nations

Chapter 4-The Bundeswehr in the State and Society

Chapter 5-Principles of Invincibility in Nature from the Perspective of the Natural Sciences

The Physics of Invincibility

The Unified Field of NATURAL LAW-the Field of Self-Referral Consciousness

Self-Defence in Physical Systems Chemistry of Invincibility Self-Defence in Chemical Systems-Integrity and Stability in the Midst of Dynamism Physiology of Invincibility

Self-Defence in Physiological Systems-Maintaining Identity in the Midst of Constantly Changing External Influences Appendices

Appendix 1. Transcendental Meditation (TM)

Appendix 2. TM-Sidhi Programme and Yogic Flying

Appendix 3. The Maharishi Effect Appendix 4. Results of Scientific Research

Forward by Lieutenant Colonel Gunter Chassé

A few years ago Germany regained its unity. Stirring months of dramatic political changes led up to this event. The superpowers shook hands as friends. The East European countries gained their independence. The mood everywhere was that of a new dawn, and of hope for peace and freedom.

In East and West, politicians were surprised by the events. What they had not accomplished for decades suddenly emerged from the consciousness of the people. “We are one people!” was both the expression of and the inspiration for the desire for national unity and freedom.

Today disillusionment has taken the place of enthusiasm. In parts of Europe there is war again. What at first had looked so promisingly like a new beginning now appears to be ending up in old, familiar patterns of behaviour.

With its decision to engage the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) in the former Yugoslavia, Germany too—only fifty years after World War II—has gone back to its old, unsuccessful ways. Germany has so far not seized its opportunity for a new beginning.

But it is not yet too late!

The ancient Vedic Science and Technology of Defence—rediscovered and made available by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi—points the way, like a lighthouse, to a new peace policy.

Even just three percent of the soldiers of the Bundeswehr (about 10,000)—trained in the Vedic Defence Technology (Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the TM-Sidhi Programme with Yogic Flying)—can enliven the invincible strength and life-supporting, evolutionary power of Natural Law in the collective consciousness of Germany. They will generate waves of coherence, harmony and positivity spreading in all directions, changing enmity into friendship so that wars will not even arise. As a PREVENTION WING they will “prevent the birth of an enemy” and gain “victory before war”.

The Vedic Defence Technology is not just an idea. It is a practical method and is available immediately. It only needs to be applied. It has been shown to work many times, and its effect has been scientifically verified. Its functioning is explained and validated by advances in modern science, especially quantum physics. With its application, the utopia of a lasting peace among the family of nations is within our grasp.

You Tube Video by Lieutenant Colonel Gunter Chassé

Title: Invincible Defence through the Technology of the Unified Field

Text: Invincible Defence for every nation is the need of the time

Quantum physicists say that invincibility can only be found on the level of the Unified Field and that the Unified Field is a field of consciousness. With the Technology of the Unified Field, Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying, the invincible Unified Field can be directly accessed.

Already a relatively small group of Mediators and Yogic Flyers can enliven the unifying and harmonizing force of the Unified Field and can change enemies into friends.

Scientific research has shown that groups of Yogic Flyers can neutralize societal stress, negativity and disharmony so that crime, accidents and other negative tendencies are significantly reduced. In areas of conflict a clear reduction of the number of hostilities, fatal casualties and wounded were observed. At the same time positive trends and cooperation between adversaries increased. We can expect that wars will be terminated and new conflicts will be prevented with the permanent employment of a group of Yogic Flyers.

Invincible Defence for every nation through the Technology of the Unified Field is the only promising answer to today’s threat of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.

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See also: You Tube Video (German) Lieutenant Colonel Gunter Chassé – Invincible Federal Armed Forces Through 8000 Yogic Flyers

About Lieutenant Colonel Gunter Chassé

Lieutenant Colonel Gunter Chasse Lieutenant Colonel Gunter Chassé (Retired)—decorated with the Honourary Cross of the Bundeswehr in Gold—began his military career in 1969 by completing officer training at the German Air Force Officers’ School in Munich. LTC Chassé’s specialized military training includes courses on Air Defence Weapon Systems at the German Air Force Air Defence School and the US Army Air Defence School, both in Fort Bliss, Texas, USA. He served in the German Air Force mainly in the Integrated NATO-Air Defence, alternately in command and staff positions. From 1992 to his retirement in 1997, he was employed in Home Defence with territorial tasks.

As career officer, he soon realized that in the age of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism, diplomacy and military engagements are not able to really protect a nation. He therefore was looking for alternative means of defence to ensure the security of his nation. In Invincible Defence Technology, LTC Chassé found the possibility to avert the danger of war even before it arises. The Bundeswehr is neither trained nor equipped to achieve this. In the last ten years of his active duty, he was attempted to convince all relevant political and military levels that only with Vedic Defence could Germany be secure and invincible.

After his retirement, LTC Chassé founded the “Vedic Peace Corps” (recently renamed the “Maharishi World Peace Trust”). He is also founder and director of the “Institute of Invincible Defence,” Hannover, Germany.

LTC Chassé traveled in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand lecturing about Maharishi’s Invincible Defense Technology. Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Gunter Chassé is a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program and on the International Advisory Board at the Center for Advanced Military Science at the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy. An article about Col. Chassé appeared in the Sri Lanka Guardian.

Chapter 1—The Situation

The historic changes in Central and Eastern Europe, the dissolving of the former Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, were brought about by a change in consciousness. It was not weapons that led to the unification of Germany but the will of the people in the east of our country (“We are one people!”).

This makes it clear that consciousness is able to bring about evolutionary political change faster, more enduringly and above all more peacefully than anything else. The great East-West confrontation has been overcome. But wars, inhumanity and suppression in Europe are giving rise to new risks for the security of our country. Nobody seems in a position to be master of this dangerous development.

The new security and defence policy of Germany makes use of the ancient Vedic Science and Technology of Defence, which allows the development of a strong, invincible national consciousness (note 1).

Note 1. National or collective consciousness is the collectedness of all the diverse qualities of all the different people in the country.

Security Policy in the Past

Until now, countries have tried to prevent wars through negotiations, treaties, and by constantly trying to maintain friendly relations. But when one looks to the history of the efforts of different nations to prevent wars, the record is disheartening.

Since 1,000 B.C. there have been over 8,000 peace treaties, and each one lasted on average no more than nine years.

As result of the First World War, the League of Nations was founded in 1920 to ensure that World War I was “the war to end all wars”. Twenty years later World War II broke out. In 1945 the United Nations was established in order to end wars and conflicts between nations once and for all. Since then there have been 150 major wars.

The failures in Somalia, Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia are evidence of how unsuccessful the United Nations, NATO and other collective security systems have been in preventing and resolving conflicts. It is quite obvious that political negotiations, treaties, and the use of arms have never succeeded in creating a lasting state of world peace.

Unfortunately, the United Nations made the mistake of relying on those nations whose power was vested in the ability to destroy. The policies and programmes of the United Nations have been disappointing.

History has clearly shown that world peace will never be achieved through man-made concepts of peace—unless they have their basis in the evolutionary power of Natural Law. The organizing power of Natural Law is always invincible and exhibits in a perfect way the mechanics of self-defence. This power of Natural Law is now accessible to human consciousness.

Germany in a New Era

With its regained unity and its strategic location in the centre of Europe, Germany has assumed a new international responsibility. The White Paper 1994 of the Federal Ministry of Defence (WP 94) (note 2) states that “Germany thus has an opportunity to become one of the determining factors and creative forces for peace and progress. It must face its greater responsibility” (WP Nr. 208) (note 2).

With reference to this responsibility, to the solidarity with NATO partners and the reputation and interest of our country, and with the consent of the majority of the Bundestag (German Parliament), soldiers of the Bundeswehr (note 3) have been made available for war missions in Bosnia for the first time by the Federal Government. With this step, Germany has returned to military operations as a way of conducting politics, fifty years after the end of World War II. Whatever the reasons for this mission, German politics has taken the direction of destruction. For every war so far, good reasons have been given. The two World Wars also started in this way. They ended with terrible loss of life and left behind only losers.

Every decision to participate in an armed conflict starts with an intellectual defeat, since the opportunities for prevention of conflict on the basis of the harmonising and life-supporting power of Natural Law have not been used.

That time is past when the only technology of defence was through warfare. Death for the sake of life! What an unwise principle.

Today, the knowledge and the practical technology to change enmity into friendship and to prevent the outbreak of wars is available to Germany and to all other countries of the world. The traditional Vedic Science and Technology—rediscovered and made available by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi—contains the ancient Vedic Technology of Defence.

With this technology, enmity in the enemy can be destroyed from the transcendental field of consciousness, without harming the enemy. The new German security policy is based on this knowledge and technology.

Note 2: In the following pages, quotations from the White Paper 1994 on the Security of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Situation of the Bundeswehr, published by the Federal Ministry of Defence, will be indicated with WP and the number of the respective paragraph.

Note 3: German armed forces

The New Security Policy

In his White Paper 94 the Minister of Defence calls for precautions against a broad spectrum of acute and potential crises and conflicts (WP No. 209). “Security policy must always be comprehensive in its approach”—according to the White Paper 94. “It must tackle the roots of conflicts, if possible before they assume a military dimension” (WP No. 212). In a forward-looking strategy of crisis prevention, regional and global developments must be considered and social, economic and ecological trends must be included (WP No. 212 and No. 214).

The security policy of the past could not meet these requirements. Today, conflicts can be prevented if the relationships between nations are forged from the level of the perfect order and harmony of Natural Law. Natural Law, the Veda (note 4), sustains the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order and harmony. Both—order and harmony—are now available in an integrated national consciousness (note 5) using the Vedic Defence Technology—Maharishi`s Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying.

With the discovery of the Veda (note 4) and the Vedic Literature in human physiology (note 6) and at the basis of human consciousness, the full potential of Natural Law has been identified in the human body. This potential, and the above-mentioned simple and proven procedures to gain access to it, will allow a new formula for military prevention, offering a permanent basis for world peace.

The motto of Germany’s new security policy will be: “Prevent war through an invincible, integrated national consciousness”. (See Appendix 3. The Maharishi Effect)

Just three percent of the soldiers of the Bundeswehr (about 10,000) trained in the Vedic Technology of Defence will be enough to generate waves of coherence, harmony and positivity in the collective consciousness of our society and bestow invincible strength on our country.

The invincibility of Natural Law, the Veda, the power of intelligence of the whole creation, is located in the transcendental field of pure, self-referral human consciousness. This level of consciousness provides absolute protection and safety from any enemy.

If the Vedic Technology is practised by a small portion of the military, the qualities of Natural Law in the collective consciousness of the population will be enlivened, producing a field effect (Maharishi Effect) with three highly important results for defence:

First: Complete inner security for the nation, since the causes of violence and crime are eliminated.

Second: An invincible protection shield which prevents negativity and enmity from penetrating our country (see Figure 1).

Third: Coherence, positivity, and harmony are radiated into the collective consciousness of other nations through a global field effect (Maharishi Effect), thus preventing the rise of hostilities. The effectiveness of the new security policy lies in prevention, in eliminating the causes of violence, enmity and war at the root of conflicts, “before they assume military dimensions” (WP No. 212), thereby fulfilling the demands of the 1994 White Paper. For this reason soldiers trained in the Vedic Defence Technology form a PREVENTION WING.

The powerful effect of this Vedic Technology has been verified by more than forty scientific research studies—even in trouble-spots (refer to Figure 1 and to scientific research results in the Appendix).

Figure 1: The Maharishi Effect establishes an indomitable protection shield for Germany
PROTECTION SHIELD FOR GERMANY: An invincible border repelling all harmful influences from outside The Maharishi Effect leads to increasing coherence in the consciousness of society when a PREVETION WING practises Maharishi’s Technologies of Consciousness. If coherence reaches a certain level of intensity, a strong, integrated national consciousness will be generates. This will lead to invincibility for our country.

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is the technique to increase psycho-physiological orderliness in mind and body, i.e. in consciousness and physiology. When, as a result of the PREVENTION WING, there is an increase of orderliness and coherence in the collective consciousness, resulting in an integrated national consciousness, then all areas of society—economy, ecology, sociology—are brought to an orderly state.

When, through a world-wide field effect, orderliness and coherence extend to other nations, then regional and global development as well as social, economic and ecological trends will be included in a forward-looking strategy of crisis prevention (as called for by WP No. 212 and 214).

The new security policy of the Federal Republic of Germany will raise the power of the Bundeswehr and of the nation to the level of invincibility. Invincibility arises when no enemy is born any more. The danger is averted before it arises.

Figure 2: Maharishi Effect—Improved Progress towards Peace in Lebanon
Maharishi Effect - study in Lebanon Seven large “World Peace Assemblies” in Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the TM-Sidhi Programme in various parts of the world had an extremely significant (p<9×10-20) positive influence on the Lebanese conflict, as indicated by a 66% increase in cooperation among antagonists, a 48% reduction in the level of conflict, a 71% reduction in war-related fatalities, and a 68% reduction in war-related injuries.

Note 4: Sanskrit word for “knowledge”

Note 5: National or collective consciousness is the collectedness of all the diverse qualities of all the different people in the country.

Note 6: Dr. Tony Nader, Human Physiology—Expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature, MVU-Press, Vlodrop, Holland, 1994

The Challenges—Causes of Wars and Conflicts

German military involvement in the Balkan war demonstrates the inability of the previous security and defence policy to realize “an effective strategy of forward-looking conflict prevention” as demanded by the White Paper 1994 of the Ministry of Defence (see WP No. 245). The United Nations, NATO, the European Union and the OSCE are also unable to solve the conflict in former Yugoslavia, either through political or through military means. What is the reason for this?

The charter of UNESCO states in its preamble: “Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defence of peace must be constructed.

“The new security policy of Germany will be based on a strong and integrated national consciousness. It is not weapons that protect a country from war but the coherence of the national consciousness and the unbounded awareness and alertness of its soldiers. With the Vedic Defence Technology these requirements can be met.

Why do wars break out? They break out due to the accumulation of stress in the consciousness and nervous system of the people in society. Stress is caused by the inability to live life in accordance with Natural Law. This causes frustration, fear, negativity and disharmony—stress. If stress exceeds a certain level it must erupt. The result will be aggression and violence between individuals due to accumulated individual stress, and eventually war due to accumulated stress in the collective consciousness.

Transcendental Meditation (TM) effectively removes stress and develops friendliness, cordiality, and love. Transcendental Meditation (TM) brings life in accord with Natural Law. It is not because of ethnic, religious or social differences that groups or nations fight each other. Rather it is stress fighting stress. The new German defence policy will introduce a PREVENTION WING of 10,000 Yogic Flyers in the military to dissolve social stress in our own country and in all the countries of the world. The Vedic Technology of Defence purifies the human consciousness and nervous system and enables the individual and the nation as a whole to spontaneously think and act in accord with Natural Law. The causes of violence, crime, and war are eliminated at their roots “before they assume military dimensions” (requirement of WP No. 212).

We must not lose any time in protecting our country with a PREVENTION WING:

– Regional crises and conflicts are becoming increasingly explosive through social, ethnic, religious, and economic rivalries (WP No. 228).

– Disharmony and negativity are carried, through terrorism, into other countries and there they weaken the inner stability and order—in Germany also.

– International organized crime is constantly on the increase.

These three aspects can be seen as a new kind of invasion, which cannot be effectively encountered by the hitherto existing methods of the military and of the police.

– More and more small and medium sized countries possess nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons of mass destruction and increasingly even long range delivery systems. New kinds of biological weapons are being developed based on genetic engineering. They can cause diseases for which there is still no cure.

In this electronic age, destruction is triggered at the touch of a button. How can the government succeed in preventing destruction and how can it protect its people? Weapons may harm an opponent but cannot completely prevent an attack. Even the best armaments will not keep enemies out of the country.

This is demonstrated by the latest acts of terrorism in the USA, in France, Israel and Japan.

Fortunately, Maharishi’s Vedic Defence Technology is available. With the highest alertness and readiness, the PREVENTION WING of the Bundeswehr aims at the strategically most important point: It prevents enmity before it arises.

The PREVENTION WING is a flexible and effective tool of political and military crisis prevention and crisis management.

Chapter 2—The concept of the New German Security and Defence Policy

“The Basic Law” (the German constitution) entails the obligation of German foreign and security policy to provide protection and the task of shaping peace and stability” (WP No. 301).

The hitherto existing security policy has not been able to fulfil its obligation completely. This is shown by the militant disputes between the Turks and Kurds on German soil, the increase of organized violence and organized crime, and finally the employment of the Bundeswehr in Bosnia.

The concept of the new German security and defence policy is based on the field effect that can be generated by the Technology of Vedic Defence—Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Yogic Flying. This field effect leads to an integrated, invincible national consciousness which in a natural way prevents the birth of an enemy, both within and outside the borders of our country.

A PREVENTION WING of the Bundeswehr will reduce stress and tension and increase positivity, peace and harmony in the collective consciousness. It will enliven the invincible field of consciousness, the Unified Field of Natural Law, and will produce an invincible, integrated national consciousness.

The obligation of security and defence policy to protect the country can only be achieved by using the invincible power of Natural Law.

The Invincibility of Natural Law

Nature is invincible. Its orderliness, its intelligence and its energy are unchangeable and indestructible. For billions of years Nature has been defending itself with the indomitable strength of Natural Law. Natural Law, the Veda, is the non-material basis of creation, a field which permeates everything. The Unified Field of Natural Law is a completely self-referral, self-interacting field beyond time and space and therefore indestructible and invincible. This field corresponds to the Unified Field described by quantum physics, a holistic and transcendental field underlying all unmanifest creation. It is striking how the qualities of the Unified Field are precisely the attributes of consciousness. (note 7)

Note 7: Dr. Tony Nader, Human Physiology—Expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature, MVU-Press, Vlodrop, Holland, 1994

Natural Law in Human Consciousness

Modern science has discovered the eternal, invincible, unchangeable field of Natural Law, the Veda and Vedic Literature, in the self-referral consciousness and in the structure and function of the physiology of everyone (note 8). With the practical Vedic Technology of Defence this invincible field can be enlivened in individual consciousness and in national consciousness which thus gains a state of invincibility.

Consciousness alone is fully self-referral since only consciousness has the ability to know itself in a completely self-referral manner. Moreover consciousness in its self-referral state—Transcendental Consciousness—is the source of all mental activity. Consciousness in its self-referral state can easily be experienced and verified by everyone through Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation (TM).

The principles of invincibility lie on the one hand in the universal value of Natural Law and on the other hand in the subjective realm of consciousness. Enlivenment of the quantum mechanical field at the transcendental level creates harmony and order, and establishes integrity and stability (see section on the Meissner Effect). This makes the system invincible so that it is able to defend itself effectively against chaotic, negative and disturbing influences.

With Maharishi’s Vedic Technology of Defence (see Appendix 1. Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Appendix 2. TM-Sidhi Programme and Yogic Flying), coherence, harmony and positivity will be generated in the collective consciousness of the nation, so that the nation becomes completely invincible.

A PREVENTION WING of 10,000 soldiers of the Bundeswehr will enliven coherence and harmony in their own self-referral consciousness—Transcendental Consciousness—thereby producing the Maharishi Effect, a coherent field effect in national and world consciousness (see Appendix 3. The Maharishi Effect).

The invincible field of pure consciousness—the invincible field of Natural Law—and the Vedic Technology of Defence practised by the PREVENTION WING, will make Germany invincible and protect it against any kind of hostilities.

Note 8: Dr. Tony Nader, Human Physiology—Expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature, MVU-Press, Vlodrop, Holland, 1994

Integration of Society through a Coherent National Consciousness

The pluralistic society in Germany is characterized by a variety of different, often opposing interests, desires and ideas. When coherence is enlivened in the collective consciousness, differences cease to dominate in society. The values of the community will be given the same prominence as the development of individual ideas. Differences of language and culture will not be a barrier to happiness and satisfaction in society but on the contrary will enrich the society.

A coherent national consciousness fully secures, protects and defends the population against any negative influences from inside and from outside.

The New Role of the Bundeswehr

“The Bundeswehr is the military instrument through which Germany takes precautions with regard to its external security. It helps the state to credibly fulfil its obligation to protect its citizens” (WP No. 501). The responsibility of the state for the security and defence of the country has its consequences regarding the role, mission, structure, and training of the Bundeswehr.

If there is one sector of society that is characterized by maximum purposefulness and one-pointedness it is the military. With great alertness and discipline it serves the security of the country. Soldiers are ready even to give their lives in order to serve the nation.

Every responsible military leader knows that war is the action of “last resort” and that there will be a series of political measures prior to any armed intervention. Only when these preventive measures fail—as in the case of the former Yugoslavia—is military intervention required.

The past has shown that the military until now has not had an effective instrument available to prevent armed conflicts. The defence system used so far is not equipped to protect the population since it does not prevent the birth of enmity and of enemies.

With the Vedic Defence Technology a tool to prevent the birth of an enemy will be for the first time at the disposal of the Bundeswehr of the future, enabling it to fulfil its new role. The Vedic System of Defence, with the PREVENTION WING of Yogic Flyers, establishes the protection of the nation on the basis of an integrated national consciousness.

About three per cent—or 10,000 soldiers—of the Bundeswehr practising Yogic Flying will be enough for a permanent PREVENTION WING. The rest of the soldiers will perform their usual duty.

The New Mission of the Bundeswehr: Prevention, from the Field of Silence

Soldiers must be ready for action at any time. As is well known, action comes from thought and thought comes from silence. Why not act from the level of silence?

To prevent or fight a war from the level of silence is the ultra-modern art of war, made possible by Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology of Defence.

It is from the level of dynamic silence that the birth of the enemy can be prevented and enmity can be changed into friendliness. From this level all action will be supported by the invincible power of Natural Law.

The new role and the new mission of the Bundeswehr for defence are: The dynamic approach through weaponry and the silent approach through prevention. With the technology of silence, which is a technology of consciousness, the foundation stone for invincibility will be laid. Defence will be perfect when both these approaches are combined.

The New Structure of the Bundeswehr

The structure of the armed forces will be adapted to the introduction of the Vedic Technology of Defence into the Bundeswehr. In this there will be three distinct categories of forces:

  • Prevention forces
  • Reaction forces
    • crisis reaction forces on stand-by
    • largely mobilization-dependent main defence forces
  • The basic military organization of the armed forces.

It is only the establishment of the PREVENTION WING and its combination with the other categories of forces which makes the Bundeswehr complete and gives it invincibility.

In order to produce an even field effect (Maharishi Effect) of coherence, positivity and harmony, the PREVENTION WING of 10,000 soldiers will be stationed in five equal groups in the north, east, south, west, and in the centre of Germany.

Figure 3: The New Structure of the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces)
Prevention Forces, Reacion Forces, Basic Military Organisation

The New Training of the Bundeswehr

(a) Training of the PREVENTION WING

The training of the PREVENTION WING in the highest art of warfare will involve the following steps:

First: Training in Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation (TM) (see Appendix 1. Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Appendix 4. Results of Scientific Research). With Transcendental Meditation (TM) the soldier enlivens the field of pure consciousness and its infinite organizing power on the level of his personal awareness. This “Basic Training”, including practice sessions, will last about two months.

Second: Training in the TM-Sidhi Programme and Yogic Flying (see Appendix 2. TM-Sidhi Programme and Yogic Flying), gaining the ability to set this field—the transcendental level of reality—in motion and generate waves of coherence and positivity in the collective consciousness so that the whole nation radiates love and friendliness. Destructive influences will be eliminated, so that enmity cannot even arise. This training lasts another two months.

After a total of four months the PREVENTION WING is ready for action. The influence of the Maharishi Effect (see Appendix 3. The Maharishi Effect) will be immediately felt when the Vedic Technology of Defence is practised as a group programme.

With their training in the Vedic Technology of Defence the soldiers will display the highest state of alertness and readiness, so that the entire military becomes invincible and the nation enjoys complete security.

(b) Training of military leaders

The quiet state of unbounded awareness experienced through the practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM) encompasses everything and leads to an broadened, even infinite capacity for experience and perception. A military leader’s broad comprehension and precise assessment of a situation depend upon the state of his awareness. Only if it is clear and expanded will his orders have the desired result.

Often the military leader must make quick decisions in an unclear situation. For that he must develop a good intuition. In addition, he must have a highly alert intellect, good health, good athletic performance, and the ability to react quickly.

All these qualities develop spontaneously through the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM) (see Appendix 1. Transcendental Meditation (TM). Therefore, the education in Vedic Science and Technology will be part of the new training programme for the military leaders of the Bundeswehr.

Chapter 3—International Peace Activities and Alliance Policy

Germany is not only a member of the United Nations and a participant in the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), but also a member of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), the European Union (EU), and the Western European Union (WEU). Membership in these alliances serves international peace and the security order.

Peace and security are possible within an alliance only when each country enjoys perfect invincibility and sovereignty and is capable of defending itself by its own strength and by its own means. The secure protection of a country is based on the consciousness of the nation. Any dependence on external powers weakens this security, and sovereignty thus becomes fragile.

The Vedic Technology of Defence introduced in this White Paper is the foundation of the new international peace activities and alliance policy of Germany. In addition, the knowledge and understanding of the Vedic Defence Concept should be made available to all political and military leaders in the world since this knowledge has the potential to expand the old defence concepts and to fulfil their highest ideals.

A PREVENTION WING of the Bundeswehr will enliven all the qualities of Natural Law in the collective consciousness of the population through the practice of the Vedic Defence Technology. It thereby produces for Germany sovereignty in invincibility.

The prerequisite for perfect security in an alliance is the sovereignty in invincibility of each member of the alliance. The alliance policy of the Federal Republic of Germany will therefore strive for sovereignty in invincibility for all members.

Only if all nations in the world enjoy sovereignty in invincibility and apply the Vedic Defence Technology—the most significant discovery of the scientific age—will the same order prevail in the world as in the universe. Then perfect defence and permanent world peace will become a reality.

Sovereignty in Invincibility

For collective security in an alliance it is necessary that each individual nation gains sovereignty in invincibility. Only then will an alliance be more than just the sum of its members, a unity of higher quality.

The White Paper 94 correctly states that defence capability is an expression of state sovereignty and therefore demands that the essence of this protective function must not be affected by changes in the security situation (WP No. 302). History has also shown that the defence of a country must be independent of personalities, events, treaties and alliances.

The new security and defence policy of Germany is based on the only independent, impartial, and unchangeable power of nature, Natural Law. For billions of years Natural Law, the government of the universe, has been defending the sovereign domains of every galaxy and solar system in the ever expanding universe. The strength of Natural Law is located in the domain of consciousness and is invincible. By itself, Germany will gain sovereignty in invincibility through the application of the Vedic Defence Strategy. A PREVENTION WING in the Bundeswehr will generate that high degree of strength without which the existence of armed forces is not justified.

Germany in Alliance

The best alliance is the alliance with Natural Law. Nevertheless, Germany will remain an active member of NATO and the other alliances. It will face up to its increased responsibility in the community of nations.

Germany will strengthen the alliances of which it is a member through sovereignty in invincibility. Through the Maharishi Effect it will radiate a life-supporting influence of order and harmony and will raise positivity and coherence in world consciousness. It will encourage not only the members of its own alliance but all nations on earth to gain sovereignty in invincibility.

Between one and five per cent of the military in each country—depending on the population of the country—will completely protect the nation with the Vedic Defence Technology and prevent the birth of an enemy.

In its new security and defence policy Germany will also promote the establishment of an additional permanent coherence-creating group of 7,000 Yogic Flyers to be established on each continent. (Editor’s note: the population of the world has increased since this article was published in 1995, thus increasing this number to approximately 8,000).

Germany and the United Nations

In the United Nations—the world peace organization—Germany will propose that the UN makes use of the invincible power of Natural Law and suggests to all countries to train a small percentage of their military in the Vedic Science and Technology of consciousness.

The representatives to the United Nations themselves should be Yogic Flyers in the military of their own country. In this way the United Nations would be able to fulfil its grand purpose to safeguard world peace and international security. For the Charter of the United Nations includes, among other objectives, the requirement that member states take collective measures to prevent or remove threats to peace (WP No. 458).

With sovereignty in invincibility for every country, each nation will achieve victory before war. All peoples will enjoy genuine peace in freedom. Each nation will support every other nation in love and friendship and will live in a harmonious family of nations.

With the achievement of world peace, no nation needs to fear an enemy any more. Each country will blossom in harmony, happiness, creativity, wealth and progress, and will realize Heaven on Earth. The new foreign, security and defence policy of Germany will stand for this new world order.

Chapter 4—The Bundeswehr in the State and Society

The main purpose of the Bundeswehr is to secure the territorial integrity of Germany and to take precautions for protection against potential threats, so that the population can naturally enjoy a happy life in peace and freedom and unrestricted progress. Protection and defence of our country includes all aspects of life in our society. Everything must be protected, and therefore defence is related to all areas of the state. Defence is for security; security is for peace, happiness, progress and fulfilment in life.

With the Vedic Technology of Defence (Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Programme with Yogic Flying) the Bundeswehr is most fortunate today to be able to include the strategy of Nature’s invincible defence in the national defence strategy by creating a PREVENTION WING. Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Defence (note 9) can be summarized in one sentence: INVINCIBILITY THROUGH AN INTEGRATED NATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS. This means: The security of Germany is based on the quality of consciousness of its people and is therefore the task of the whole nation.

All fields of the state, such as government, parliament, economy, education, and police should—with a view to overall defence—form coherence-creating groups just like in the military.

(a) Government, Parliament

Members of government and parliament should make use of the Vedic Science and Technology of Consciousness in order to enliven and maintain the qualities of Natural Law—the perfect government of the universe—in their own consciousness. With their own integrated consciousness and with the coherent national consciousness created through a PREVENTION WING, the government will administer our country in a conflict-free manner and as perfectly as the government of the universe (note 10).

(b) Education

Transcendental Meditation (TM), Yogic Flying and Vedic Science should be introduced in all fields of education in order to develop the creative potential of each pupil and each student, through the systematic unfoldment of consciousness. At university, knowledge and education should be advanced more intensively through the study and research of consciousness, using the subjective approach of Vedic Science.

(c) Economy

Companies and factories should establish their own coherence-creating groups and make use of the programmes of Vedic Management (note 11) to develop innovative ability. This investment in what is the most important factor of economy—the human being—will lead to a flourishing economy, full employment, and an economy in harmony with the environment and with the laws of nature.

(d) Health

Mental and physical health requires a natural and prevention-oriented health care system. Maharishi’s Vedic Approach to Health (note 12) offers the world’s oldest holistic health care system. Using Maharishi’s Vedic Approach to Health—as research studies have shown—50% of all diseases can be eliminated even within the first three years.

(e) Police

The police should also establish prevention groups on the basis of the Vedic Technology of Defence in order to eliminate the causes of violence and crime—stress in the collective consciousness. This will lead to a dramatic decrease in criminal acts and to a harmonious and peaceful community life for all the different groups in society in Germany.

Looking at the chaotic events of today in our society, it amounts to an offence against inner security not to introduce the programmes of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Yogic Flying in the police.

It is not the enforcement of law but the ability to spontaneously act in accord with Natural Law—and thereby also in accord with national law—which will lead to a crime-free society.

Security and defence are dependent on a pure and integrated state of collective consciousness and on a strong solidarity between the different groups in society on the basis of coherence and order. An integrated collective consciousness—free from stress and strain—makes it possible for the whole society to live in accordance with Natural Law. Only then is the strength of the Bundeswehr invincible.

The use of weapons by the armed forces or the use of force by the police may calm a situation of conflict on the surface. But in the final analysis force causes fear and increases stress and tension—and therefore impairs security.

Permanent peace will be gained not by suppression and fear of reprisal but through the life of society being lived on the basis of coherence, integrity, harmony, and positivity.

On the one hand the strength of the Bundeswehr is dependent upon the quality of the collective consciousness of society, on the other hand a PREVENTION WING of the Bundeswehr generates a strong, integrated national consciousness. That is the reason why both the Bundeswehr and society must establish and maintain sovereignty in invincibility for our country in the interest of overall defence of the nation.

Note 9: Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Defence—Sovereignty in Invincibility, Maharishi Vedic University Press, 1994, Vlodrop, Holland.

Note 10: Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Government—Automation in Administration, Maharishi Vedic University Press, 1993, Vlodrop, Holland.

Note 11: Maharishi University of Management—Wholeness on the Move, Maharishi Vedic University Press, 1995, Vlodrop, Holland and Maharishi University of Management—Corporate Revitalization Programme to Improve Health, Creativity and Good Fortune of Every Company, MUM Press, 1995, Roermond, Holland.

Note 12: Maharishi’s Vedic Approach to Health includes Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Yogic Flying as one of its many aspects of health care.

Chapter 5—Principles of Invincibility in Nature from the Perspective of the Natural Sciences

The different branches of modern science give us many examples of systems that display the quality of invincibility.

The examples of invincibility described below show the great variety of possibilities Nature has to strengthen a system in such a way that it stays virtually untouched by external influences. The different principles described below increase the internal coherence and order of a system and maintain its balanced dynamic functioning. This enables the system to defend itself extremely efficiently against harmful influences, thus displaying a state of invincibility. A thorough description with detailed explanations of these different principles can be found in the book Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Defence (note 13).

As a conclusion of all the principles of invincibility that we describe, two prerequisites for achieving the state of invincibility can be identified:

First: Access to the fundamental, holistic level of nature’s functioning in which the total potential of Natural Law is inherent.

Second: The enlivenment of the qualities of this holistic level of functioning.

When these conditions are fulfilled, harmony and order are generated, producing integrity and stability in the system.

In this way the system becomes invincible, enabling it to defend itself efficiently against negative and harmful influences.

With regard to the defence of a nation this means: The invincibility of the total potential of Natural Law on the level of the Unified Field of Natural Law, the field of pure self-referral consciousness, can be enlivened by even a small group of Yogic Flyers. Such a group—a PREVENTION WING in the military—produces the Maharishi Effect (see Appendix 3. The Maharishi Effect), a coherent field effect in the collective consciousness of the population.

Note 13: Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Defence—Sovereignty in Invincibility, Maharishi Vedic University Press, 1994, Vlodrop, Holland.

Physics of Invincibility

In recent decades, modern science has systematically revealed deeper and finer layers of order in Nature. This progressive exploration has shown fundamental principles indicating that Nature functions in a holistic way. According to modern physics all phenomena of Nature can be understood in terms of an underlying quantum field. This Unified Field is the source of order, harmony and invincibility.

In a field effect the quantum field causes a holistic and coherent functioning of systems with billions of constituents. The discovery of the Maharishi Effect—verified by more than forty scientific research studies (see Appendix 4. Results of Scientific Research)—has shown that there exists also a field effect of consciousness. This field effect results in more coherence and harmony throughout society, thereby resolving internal and external conflicts. The all-pervading harmonising and coherent influence of this field effect generated by a PREVENTION WING of the military forms the basis of the new security and defence policy.

Figure 4: Invincibility for all Nations through the Global Maharishi Effect
A Result of Infinite Correlation of Consciousness The personal experience of unbounded consciousness through the technology of Transcendental Meditation (TM) produces a harmonizing effect everywhere because unbounded awareness is a field of infinite correlation. “Infinite correlation” is a term of physics describing the nature of the Unified Field of Natural Law. Due to the superfluid, omnipresent nature of this state everything in creation is connected with everything else.

When more and more people all over the world practise Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the TM-Sidhi Programme and thereby enliven in their own consciousness the ground state of all the Laws of Nature, a field of perfect order, then orderliness increases in the collective consciousness, and nations will grow more and more in invincibility through the Maharishi Effect. Each nation that develops such a high state of internal coherence contributes simultaneously to the increase of integrity and peace in world consciousness. See Appendix 2: TM-Sidhi Programme and Yogic Flying.

The Unified Field of NATURAL LAW—the Field of Self-Referral Consciousness

In order to understand how the Maharishi Effect (see Appendix 3. The Maharishi Effect) can be produced as a field effect of consciousness at the level of the Unified Field of Natural Law, one has to know something about the underlying quantum fields. Physics traces all known interactions of nature back to to four separate fundamental force fields—the electromagnetic force, the weak and strong interaction, and gravitation. With the progress in unified quantum field theories it was realized that all of these four fields are just different aspects of one single Unified Field of Natural Law, the holistic transcendental field underlying all manifest creation (see Figure 5).

This complete unification of the different quantum fields—as described in superstring theory— allows one to conclude that the Unified Field is a pure, self-interacting field with self-referral dynamics, at the basis of creation.

Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology describes the characteristic quality of consciousness as a self-referral field of intelligence at the basis of creation.

From this it can be concluded that the Unified Field of Natural Law is identical with the field of consciousness.

Figure 5: Discovery of the Unified Field of All the Laws of Nature
All the laws of nature are unified

Self-Defence in Physical Systems

Physical systems have principles of defending themselves. In nature, including human society, we see there is always a potential tendency towards increasing disorder (entropy—see note 14). For a structure to maintain itself, requires the application of principles and methods to protect against the ever-present threat of entropy. The defence mechanisms of physics are the very same principles of invincibility that we find in human consciousness.

The principles of invincibility in physics protect the structural integrity of a system or its ability to maintain order.

(a) Avoiding Focal Points for Attack

A very simple example is a glass rod. Glass is intrinsically quite strong and difficult to break. For this reason, a little scratch is made at the point where the rod has to be broken. Now, one just needs to apply a little pressure to the glass rod and it snaps (see Figure 6).

This illustrates a general principle: If there is an inhomogeneity in the material or an imperfection or a scratch or a hole, it will act as a focal point for stress and strain. This is the place where the material breaks.

An important principle of invincibility in physics is to avoid focal points for the accumulation of stress and strain. This means avoiding imperfections and inhomogeneities.

When stress and strain and mental pressure are removed from the human nervous system through Transcendental Meditation (TM), and the threat of breaking points is eliminated, the nervous system rises to invincibility—it regains its invincible status.

Figure 6: Invincibility Results from Avoiding Focal Points for Attack
Imperfections act as focal points for the accumulation of stress
A glass rod is hard to break, but if a scratch is made on the rode, the rode breaks easily.

(b) Protection of Boundaries

Another parallel is a connecting rod—of an automobile engine, for example—which has to withstand very stressful situations. By polishing and chrome plating the surface of the connecting rod, little pits, scratches, holes, and imperfections can be avoided. In this way, there will not be any leverage points for the stress to build up which could lead to the rod breaking.

The principle of invincibility in physics used here is: Expansion of boundaries—production of smooth, homogeneous boundaries (see Figure 7). This knowledge can be applied to national consciousness. An integrated national consciousness demands the smooth, homogeneous, harmonious consciousness of every individual. This can easily be created through the practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM) (see Appendix 1. Transcendental Meditation (TM)) on all levels of national life —students, working adults, and retired people.

Figure 7: Invincibility Comes From Protection of Borders
Rough engine part is weak; smooth engine part is strong.
An engine part with a rough surface is weak. The same part, polished to a mirror finish, is much stronger.

(c) Maintenance of Coherence and Order: Superconductivity (Meissner Effect)

Probably the most impressive phenomenon of invincibility in quantum physics is superconductivity.

In an ordinary conductor, electric current meets some resistance due to friction. If the temperature of the conductor is reduced to a low enough level it comes to a phase transition: the electrical resistance of the material completely disappears. In the case of lead the point of phase transition is about 7° to 8° C above absolute zero.

The reason for the disappearance of the electrical resistance is a remarkable phase transition among the quantum mechanical electron waves. At high temperatures the electron waves are disorderly. When the transition to superconductivity takes place and the electrons form into so-called Cooper pairs, the quantum mechanical waves representing the pairs of electrons fall into a very harmonious and orderly relationship with each other.

The reason the metal has no resistance is because of its new form of orderliness, which is not orderliness in a spacial arrangement but an orderliness rather in terms of wave coherence extending in space at a very fundamental quantum mechanical level (field effect).

If one brings a magnet near to a normal conductor the magnetic field penetrates inside the conductor. This causes the electrons which are already flowing around in a disorderly state to become even more disorderly.

If the magnet is brought towards the superconductor there is a very dramatic difference. As the magnetic field begins, even slightly, to penetrate into the superconductor, the superelectrons—which have a property of infinite fluidity—move around so quickly and so coherently at the surface of the superconductor that they create their own opposing magnetic field which exactly cancels out the penetrating magnet’s field.

This extraordinary phenomenon of superconductivity, the Meissner Effect, really deserves the description of invincibility (see Figure 8).

The parallel to military invincibility is quite obvious. The stability of the system is produced by the coherence of its interior. It is an example of infinite flexibility on the basis of infinite stability, and vice versa. Infinite flexibility in the form of superfluidity upholds a state of perfect invincibility.

This is exactly what is achieved by the Maharishi Effect (see Appendix 3. The Maharishi Effect) in individual consciousness and collective consciousness as a principle of self-defence and invincibility.

The Meissner Effect clarifies the quantum mechanical process that is at the basis of the Maharishi Effect.

Figure 8: Meissner Effect – An Example of Invincibility in the Quantum Physics of Superconductivity
Ordinary conductor on left; superconductor on right
Left: Ordinary Conductor In an ordinary electrical conductor incoherent, disordered electrons allow penetration by an external magnetic field so that the system is disturbed further.
Right: SuperconductorIn a superconductor, coherent collective functioning of the electrons spontaneously excludes an external magnetic field, and maintains its impenetrable status.
This example of invincibility is not unique in nature; parallel phenomena of invincibility can be found in many aspects of the physical, chemical and biological sciences. In each case it is found that the ability of the system to resist disorder is always based on coherent collective functioning.

(d) The LASER

The LASER is another example which demonstrates how a field effect gives rise to a phase transition from disorderliness to high coherence. The LASER is a particularly good example when it comes to making parallels with the functioning of living beings.

In the LASER the individual atoms generate an electromagnetic field (the field of light), and the electromagnetic field in turn has an effect on the individual atoms. As long as the excitation of the atoms is below a critical threshold, the “LASER” has not yet become a real coherent LASER. The individual atoms still function in a random, disorderly, incoherent manner. Once the excitation of the electromagnetic field, however, exceeds a critical threshold, triggered by a sufficiently large (but still small) group of atoms, a sudden phase transition takes place and all atoms function in the same coherent manner. Then the electromagnetic field, or the field of light, is coherent all over the LASER. It stimulates the individual atoms to participate in the coherent dynamics—the field effect. In the LASER, coherently functioning atoms radiate coherent light of far greater intensity than ordinary light. The power of the LASER beam of light, and its ability to be sustained over long distances, comes from a far smaller number of atoms than would be the case from ordinary light.

In the same way, a very powerful field effect giving rise to a phase transition to coherence in society is produced even by a relatively small number of people practising Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Yogic Flying. Just three per cent of the soldiers of the Bundeswehr are enough for this task.

This parallel with the principle of the field effect in physics makes it imperative to establish a PREVENTION WING in the military in order to create and sustain an indomitable influence of coherence and harmony for the protection of our country.

Note 14: Increase of entropy according to the second law of thermodynamics in isolated and closed systems.

Chemistry of Invincibility

Just like physics, chemical systems also display principles of self-defence and invincibility which are the expression of the orderly functioning of the underlying laws of nature and from which we can draw parallels with the social behaviour of human beings.

For in the final analysis, all behaviour governed by Natural Law has its source in the self-referral field of pure consciousness which underlies not only all chemical processes but also human consciousness—individual and collective—as well.

In the following explanations, a few examples of invincibility in chemical systems will be presented. On the one hand, by applying chemical means only, chemical systems are indestructible on their fundamental atomic level in the sense of displaying very efficient self-defence. On the other hand, they show an apparently inexhaustible creativity and flexibility when generating new structures and forms of gross matter.

This unification of completely opposite qualities, for example of stability and transformation, permeates the total field of chemistry and makes this discipline a “science of invincibility”.

Self-Defence in Chemical Systems—Integrity and Stability in the Midst of Dynamism

(a) The Integrity of Chemical Systems

All chemical properties and also the dynamics of the molecular level are based on the properties of the atoms which constitute the great variety of molecules. The properties of the atoms themselves are determined essentially by the structure of the atomic core, which comprises the central atomic nucleus as well as the inner electronic shells in the case of heavier atoms.

To ensure continuity in chemical behaviour on the molecular level it is a necessary prerequisite that these atomic properties do not change amidst the great variety of chemical reactions. For this reason, Nature has provided a strong mechanism to ensure the integrity of the atomic core.

The way Nature achieves this integrity is very instructive for general understanding of the most powerful principles of integrity and invincibility displayed at different levels of creation:

  • The dynamics of the atomic nucleus and the inner electronic shells function in a purely quantum mechanical way and without inner friction, in such a way that outside disturbances cannot have an influence.
  • The atomic core remains nearly always in the so-called ground state, a state of least energy.
  • The outside disturbances resulting from the comparatively low-energy dynamics of the chemical reactions on the molecular level are much too weak to excite the atomic core from its quantum mechanical ground state of least energy.

At the molecular level of chemical transformations the atomic core therefore is “invincible”, because disturbances from outside are so ineffective that it does not even have to defend itself against them. The atomic core remains simply in its inner, self-referral quantum mechanical dynamics, a state of balance in which no friction exists. This ensures the integrity and stability of the chemical properties of the atomic core, which are of major importance for the chemical behaviour of the atoms. These chemical properties determine in which way the laws of nature are enlivened that govern the chemical transformations on the molecular level, which involve only the outer electronic shells (see Figure 9).

Similarly, an individual, established in the ground state of consciousness, the state of pure self-referral transcendental consciousness, maintains his own invincible status. In this way he ensures that Natural Law in its totality remains lively and supports all areas of his life.

If the same principle is applied on the level of the society, this leads to a complete protection against external disturbances and enlivens Natural Law in such a way that all areas of social life gain the support of Natural Law.

Figure 9: Invincibility of the Atomic Core on the Level of Molecular Chemistry
Atomic Core and Outer Electronic Shells of the Atom
1) In the case of the lightest atom, i.e. hydrogen, the atomic core is basically just the atomic nucleus.

2) When one considers every electron of the inner shells in isolation, they sequentially fill the lowest energy eigenstates. However, the atomic core as a whole—described by a so-called n-particle Hamiltonian—is in its ground state.

(b) Balance Between Opposing Values

In chemistry, life is seen as a flow of matter and energy in a step-by-step process. For this process to occur, there must be a balance between opposite values. On the one hand, activation barriers must be high enough so that there is stability of molecular structures. On the other hand, the activation barriers for chemical reactions must be low enough to have a flow so that the structures can be changed and even greater levels of stability achieved.

The stability of a molecule is achieved by a phenomenon called quantum mechanical delocalization. It just means that electrons are shared by several atoms and this creates a strong binding. In the ideal case electrons can be shared by all atoms of a molecule.

When there is a balanced distribution of bonding electrons throughout a molecular system, the structure is most stable. It cannot be broken by stress or localization tendencies coming from outside. The higher the symmetry, the greater the delocalization of stress and strain.

If local perturbations are introduced into a molecule, some bonds will be strengthened and others will be loosened. Wherever the bonds are loosened there will be the greatest possibility for a transformation to occur.

In this way the molecular structure now gradually ceases to exist. The reacting molecules reach an activation energy level, a junction point between two phases—a delocalized, coherent transition state which follows quantum mechanical laws. These laws are those promoted by the self-referral dynamics of consciousness, which maintains the balance between diversity and unity. The energy barriers are overcome and the next stable state of the molecular structure emerges.

The harmonious unification of extreme opposing qualities as revealed in chemical systems can also be found in individuals and in society as a whole. The Vedic Technologies of Consciousness, as offered by Maharishi’s Vedic Science, allow everyone systematic access to a state of consciousness in which the innermost transcendental source of one’s own existence at the source of thought can be experienced in invincible peace, together with the ever-changing dynamism of outer sensory impressions. A person in such a state of consciousness continuously experiences and enlivens Natural Law at the basis of his own thinking, for his own benefit and simultaneously for the benefit of all the other people in his environment.

Similarly, the PREVENTION WING in the military enlivens Natural Law in the collective consciousness of society so that opposing interests, wishes and ways of life are integrated harmoniously, and society remains strong and invincible.

(c) The Principle of a Catalyst

In chemistry the intelligent and efficient utilization of the Laws of Nature lies in the ability to induce the transition state with minimum effort for maximum achievement of the desired result. The formula for this lies in the application of a suitable catalyst. By lowering activation energy, catalysts allow a reaction to take place with greatest efficiency and orderliness. The products of catalyzed reactions are generated in the transition state when, from many possible pathways, the catalytic pathways with lowest activation energy predominate. The reaction rates along these pathways are so much faster that non-catalytic pathways become insignificant. In this way the suitable catalyst determines the identity and yield of the products of the chemical reaction.

Without appropriate catalysts many chemical reactions would require an amount of energy that could destroy the reactants or products, or would not even be possible to achieve. This is the main reason why Nature utilizes catalysts to intelligently induce and control biochemical reactions in living beings. Similarly, catalysts are used in chemical industry as often as possible to increase the economy of the applied technical processes.

A catalyst does not introduce order into the chemical system. The catalyst allows the system to generate a new state of order from within itself. The catalyst only makes it possible that the new state is gained. In the same way as a catalyst contributes to the increase in the degree of order in its surroundings so that the activation energies between the reacting components are lowered, so Yogic Flying enlivens finer qualities in the whole atmosphere and generates coherence and harmony in the national consciousness of a country and more friendly communication between people, within the nation and beyond its borders.

When coherence is enlivened, differences between cultures and languages are no longer barriers to harmony and happiness in society—a nation is therefore protected against negative influences and defended in the best way.

The characteristic property of a catalyst which reveals the principle of invincibility is its ability to maintain its identity and integrity during the chemical transformation, so that it comes out of the transition state the same way as it entered it (see Figure 10). It is so invincible that by its mere presence it inspires activity without actually becoming involved in it. Activity is not able to overshadow its invincibility.

The application of this finding with respect to the Vedic Defence and Security Policy means that a small group of people who display the property of invincibility on the individual level by being established in the state of self-referral consciousness—the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature—simultaneously support all areas of collective life without being involved in the activities of these levels.

Being established on the level of the Unified Field of Natural Law, the group has access to the most fundamental transition state which is at the basis of all change in nature, and by their mere presence Natural Law is enlivened in such a way that the activity of the nation as a whole becomes spontaneously most efficient, and the integrity of the nation is strengthened in such a way that it becomes invincible. In addition the harmonious influence of such a group radiates beyond the borders of the country, acting as a “catalyst” for peace and order also on the international level.

Figure 10: Invincibility Displayed by a Catalyst
(Demonstrated here using the example of the catalyst platinum which induces the chemical reaction in which hydrogen and oxygen are transformed into water)
Before, Transition State - Unified state of the reacting elements, After
In the presence of the catalyst, platinum, it becomes possible for molecules of hydrogen and oxygen to react at room temperature in order to produce water. The catalyst itself emerges unchanged from the transition state and thereby demonstrates the principle of invincibility. This illustration only shows a tiny section of the huge surface area of a sponge of metallic platinum.

Physiology of Invincibility

Physiology and anatomy are two of the most interesting disciplines of modern science with respect to describing invincibility, because nature itself has developed our body to such a degree of perfection that it is able to exist in the midst of permanently changing internal and external influences.

If one studies more closely the mechanisms that underlie this perfection, one can identify two fundamental aspects that are characteristic of physiological functioning:

First, the dynamic equilibrium of our bodily functions is maintained by a hierarchy of self-regulatory processes called homoeostatic feedback loops.

Second, the whole physiological dynamics with its feedback loops is continuously referring back to its self-referral source, the DNA, whose intelligence has evolved the whole physiology.

Self-Defence in Physiological Systems—Maintaining Identity in the Midst of Constantly Changing External Influences

(a) The Principle of Homoeostasis

Various substances are exchanged in the physiology constantly. The physiology is exposed to heat and cold, sometimes to quite extreme conditions, yet its efficiency makes it capable of maintaining its integrity and its stability. This unique ability to maintain perfect balance is called “homoeostasis” in physiological systems. In particular, one can conclude that our physiology is able to defend itself against harmful influences and thus displays a fair degree of invincibility (see Figure 11).

Figure 11: Homoeostatic Feedback System
Utilizing the Principle of Referring Back
Referring Back diagram The process of creating balance through the principle of self-referral is clearly seen in Regulatory Physiology in the activity of homoeostatic feedback systems. Information regarding changes in the environment is sensed by specific receptors, and continually referred back and compared to an internal reference or set-point in the integrating centre. As a result, the precise effector mechanism necessary to restore balance to the system is elicited, based on a decision made in the integrating centre. The receptors then sense that the system is returning to balance and refer that information back to the integrating centre. It is this process of feedback or self-referral that enables the system to effectively maintain stability, coherence, and order amidst changing environmental conditions.

The control and regulation of physiology, i.e. homoeostasis—the balanced equilibrium of our physiology—is an integrated wholeness when seen from a more general perspective. This wholeness is more than just the sum of the individual self-referral loops that constitute it. It can be understood as the sequential expression of the self-referral quality of DNA in the form of a hierarchy of regulatory physiological processes, or homoeostatic feedback loops, which exhibit the quality of referring back both horizontally on their own levels and vertically to more fundamental layers. Homoeostasis in its totality can therefore be seen as the enlivenment of the quality of self-referral from the DNA into the whole physiology. In turn, DNA in its self-referral structure is understood in Vedic Science as the self-sustained expression of the totality of knowledge, the Veda.

(b) Defence Mechanisms of the Immune System

The immune system very elegantly illustrates the importance of referring back to the knowledge contained in the DNA in order to have an invincible defence against foreign influences. This most obvious example demonstrates how mastering of a so far unknown and unpredictable situation essentially depends on the principle of referring back to the source of all knowledge.

The immune system uses several basic defence strategies that may be divided into two broad categories: non-specific and specific immune mechanisms. Non-specific mechanisms of immunity are generally applied to provide resistance to a wide variety of influences that may challenge the body’s integrity. However, while the non-specific mechanisms play a vital role, they are not capable of producing the extraordinarily focused and powerful effects of the specific immune response. This system constitutes all the physiological machinery that enables the body to recognize materials foreign to itself, and to neutralize and eliminate them.

The remarkable effectiveness of the specific immune response as a defence mechanism is due to its ability to enliven, as required, the great potential of knowledge inherent in the DNA. The cells of the specific immune system, the lymphocytes, have the capacity to recognize an enormous number of foreign antigens—”antigen” is the notation for a foreign invader that stimulates the defence of the immune system (typical antigens are, for example, the surface components of micro-organisms). Once the foreign antigen has been recognized, the information is referred back to the knowledge in the DNA and specific genes are activated, resulting in precise and effective defence mechanisms that fulfil the intended effect of eliminating the invading organisms or foreign material.

The specific immune response is essentially a self-referral process, in which DNA creates receptors, which recognize and bind foreign antigens or invaders and refer the information of that interaction back to the knowledge within DNA. In physiology, the main principle of defence is to refer back to the DNA, the self-referral source of all knowledge that structures and maintains our human body.

From this example we can now understand the mechanics for establishing a state of coherence and integrity for a nation as a whole—a state of invincibility in which any danger is averted before it arises.

By referring back to the Unified Field of Natural Law, the self-referral basis of creation within self-referral consciousness—by accessing within our self-referral consciousness the pure knowledge and infinite organizing power that governs the whole universe—national law can be brought in alliance with Natural Law.

(c) The Principle of a Small Coherent Group

Throughout the physiology we find that even a small percentage of the elements of a system, coherently functioning from a fundamental, self-referral level of the physiological organization, internally upholds the collective order and stability of the whole system and can protect it against disturbing external influences (see Figure 12).

This is in perfect accord with the principles governing the Maharishi Effect (see Appendix 3. The Maharishi Effect). Even a relatively small group of individuals functioning coherently from the fundamental, self-regulatory level of all physiological organization—the level of pure, self-referral consciousness, the total potential of Natural Law in the field of consciousness—creates an influence of balance and integration within the whole nation. The great effectiveness of such a small group gives us a practical formula to raise all levels of individual and national life to perfection.

The practical technology to achieve this is Maharishi’s Vedic Technology of Consciousness, Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying.

The Maharishi Effect reveals, and scientific research in this field supports (see Appendix 4. Results of Scientific Research), that a small group of Yogic Flyers can create coherence in the whole nation. This parallels perfectly the principles of defence in physiology.

A group of Yogic Flyers (note 15) in any country automatically guarantees invincibility to the nation, in the same way as a healthy physiology, permanently referring back to its unified source, the DNA, possesses a perfectly organized immune system for defending its integrity.

Therefore, Invincible Defence Strategy is the procedure to enliven that level of life which in its own right is invincible, i.e. the total potential of Natural Law. Natural Law is the cosmic creative intelligence which is fully self-referral and self-sufficient, and which maintains and regulates itself. It is at the same time the source, course and goal of all physiological existence, from the physiology of the individual to the physiology of national consciousness. This Vedic Strategy of Defence is thus ultimately based on an invincible alliance with Natural Law itself.

Figure 12: The Principle of a Small Coherent Group for Self-Defence
The Natural Mechanisms of the Immune System for Repelling Disease
The body repells disease The body is equipped with many mechanisms for repelling disease and maintaining perfect health. They exactly parallel the mechanism of the Maharishi Effect which creates invincibility in a country. For the immune system its inner coherence is of the utmost importance in detecting and eliminating the onset of disease. Similarly, the main aspect of the Maharishi Effect is the internal coherence of the group which protects a country from stress and disharmony.

Note 15: A PREVENTION WING in the Bundeswehr as a small part of the military, strengthened by the invincible power of Natural Law, establishes an invincible defence for the whole nation and prevents the birth of an enemy.


The following appendix gives an overview of the Vedic Defence and Security Policy. This policy is completely focused on preventing conflicts and wars, or on eliminating them at the point where they arise—in human consciousness. By systematically eliminating stress and strain from individual and collective consciousness through the application of these methods in a society, both the individual and the society can gain access to, and thus can enliven, the qualities of the source of thought—a field from which the whole of creation has emerged and under whose direction its evolution is conducted. Due to stress caused by man, this direction, which at first is purely positive and evolutionary, becomes lost. As a result, the individual and society are mostly governed by stressed patterns of behaviour. These patterns are actually the cause of individual and collective conflicts, aggressions, criminality, terrorism and wars.

A defence and security policy that does not recognize the significance of consciousness and the elimination of stress, especially in collective consciousness, and which does not employ methods to remove stress, cannot properly prevent crises and wars. At the same time, such a policy is more or less helpless in the face of the worldwide increase in stress.

This can be seen from the increasing number of criminal offences, organized crime, terrorism, and the large number of wars in the world, against which even the high-tech weapons of the superpowers are virtually powerless. In these situations there has been no alternative for governments than to answer violence with violence, because until now it has not been possible—using the political means available—to reduce the power of violence by peaceful means, i.e. in the consciousness of the people who are involved.

The Vedic Defence and Security Policy is founded on the scientifically well-documented application of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying, and especially the PREVENTION WING in the military to eliminate stress from individual and collective consciousness. These methods will be explained in detail in the sections that follow.

Appendix 1. Transcendental Meditation (TM)

Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a simple, natural, effortless procedure whereby the mind easily and naturally reaches the source of all thought—Transcendental Consciousness—pure consciousness, self-referral consciousness, which is the source of all creative processes.

This process can be compared to a river which naturally and effortlessly flows onto the ocean and finally gains the status of the ocean. Transcendental Meditation (TM) is practised for 15 to 20 minutes in the morning and in the evening, while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. During this technique the individual’s awareness settles down and experiences a unique state of restful alertness; as the body becomes deeply relaxed, the mind transcends all natural activity to experience the simplest form of awareness—Transcendental Consciousness—where consciousness is open to itself. This is the self-referral state of consciousness.

The experience of Transcendental Consciousness develops the individual’s latent creative potential, while dissolving accumulated stress and fatigue through the deep rest gained during the practice. This experience enlivens within one’s awareness creativity, dynamism, orderliness, and organizing power, which results in increasing effectiveness and success in daily life.

Transcendental Meditation (TM) can be easily learned by anyone. People of all levels of intelligence, of all ages, belonging to all cultures, religions, and educational backgrounds in countries throughout the world practise the technique. How is Transcendental Meditation able to accomplish this overall enrichment of life?

Firstly, Transcendental Meditation (TM) is the Technology of Consciousness, and consciousness is the most basic element of life. Transcendental Consciousness at the source of human awareness is the home of all the Laws of Nature. Transcendental Meditation (TM) inspires the Laws of Nature to uphold all thought, speech, and action: support of Natural Law increases in daily life with regular practice.

Secondly, Transcendental Meditation (TM) eliminates the most basic cause of all stress and strain. Everyone lives his life through the cycles of routine work, whether he is a student, a working adult, or retired. Routine work in daily life does not provide an opportunity for the full expression of Creative Intelligence. This lack of opportunity to display creativity causes frustration and becomes the basis of all anti-social behaviour. Transcendental Meditation helps the awareness to transcend boundaries, to go beyond the field of limitations, and to neutralize the rigidity caused by the boundaries of daily routine.

Thirdly, the marvel of Transcendental Meditation is that both of the above-mentioned values—the blossoming of creativity, and dissolution of the basis of all suffering—are achieved in one stroke.

Appendix 2. TM-Sidhi Programme and Yogic Flying

Yogic Flying is a phenomenon created by a specific thought projected from the level of Transcendental Consciousness, the Unified Field of Natural Law, the field of all possibilities. This is the simplest state of human awareness, self-referral consciousness, which is easily accessible to anyone through Transcendental Meditation, and is enlivened through the TM-Sidhi Programme, which leads to Yogic Flying.

During the Yogic Flying technique, at the moment of maximum coherence (as measured by electroencephalograph (EEG), see Figure 13) in brainwave activity the body lifts up and begins to hop. Simultaneously, the individual experiences waves of exhilaration and profound stabilization of the silent level of awareness. This enlivens the creative intelligence of Natural Law in the individual brain physiology.

Even in the first stage of Yogic Flying, where the body lifts up in a series of short hops, this practice gives the experience of bubbling bliss to the individual and generates coherence, positivity, and harmony in the environment.

As the practice advances, the increasing purity of body and mind results in thought and action more and more in accord with Natural Law—more and more in the evolutionary direction of Natural Law—all thought, speech, action, and behaviour naturally progressing in the evolutionary direction of Natural Law.

Yogic Flying demonstrates perfect mind-body co-ordination and is correlated with maximum coherence, indicating maximum orderliness and integration of brain functioning. EEG studies have shown that during this phenomenon, when the body lifts up in the air, physiology and consciousness are completely integrated. This integration takes place at the level of the Unified Field of Natural Law, which has the character of infinite correlation. An impulse of coherence from this level instantly reconstructs and transforms unnatural, stressful, negative, undesirable tendencies in the brain physiology, so that brain functioning becomes coherent.

Considering this phenomenon in the light of Unified Field theories of modern physics, this means that at the scale of superunification—at the level of the Unified Field—all aspects of Natural Law at every point in the universe become infinitely correlated with each other (“infinite correlation”, see Figure 4).

Every single Law of Nature functions in accordance with the holistic value of Natural Law, and this is how order is maintained through the evolutionary, invincible organizing power of Natural Law.

A delicate impulse at any point in space-time can precipitate a sudden change throughout the entire universe. In this way the coherence created by the Yogic Flyers spreads, neutralizing the negative tendencies in the whole society.

Thus, modern science confirms Maharishi’s programme of perfect defence which leads to invincibility in every nation.

Figure 13: Maximum Coherence in Brainwaves During Yogic Flying
First Stage of Yogic Flying etc.
Yogic Flying provides a conscious demonstration of the ability to project a specific thought from the level of Transcendental Consciousness. Transcendental, pure consciousness is the simplest, self-referral state of human consciousness. This field of pure consciousness, the field of all possibilities, is described as the “Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature” by modern quantum physics. During Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation (TM) it can be experienced in an effortless and natural way, and during Yogic Flying it is enlivened.

Yogic Flying produces perfect mind-body co-ordination accompanied by maximum brainwave coherence indicating the maximum state of orderliness and integration of brain functioning. The individual experiences a profound and dynamic state of silence and unbounded joy. The phenomenon of Yogic Flying, i.e. when the body lifts up in the air, indicates that Natural Law—the intelligence of the physiology—and its infinite organizing power in the organism have been enlivened. The enlivenment of the evolutionary power of Natural Law in a group of 10,000 Yogic Flyers produces a field effect that generates an integrating influence in society and neutralises negative tendencies (Maharishi Effect).

Appendix 3. The Maharishi Effect

The Maharishi Effect is the phenomenon of the rise of coherence in the collective consciousness of a community. The Maharishi Effect was discovered by social scientists in the U.S.A. in 1974 in four towns where the number of people participating in the Transcendental Meditation Programme had reached one per cent of the town’s population.

It was noted that when one per cent of the town’s population practised Transcendental Meditation, the trend of rising crime rate was reversed, indicating increasing order and harmony.

Research scientists named this phenomenon of rising coherence in the collective consciousness of the whole society, the “Maharishi Effect”, because this was predicted already in 1960 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The phenomenon of the Maharishi Effect (like the phenomenon of the Meissner Effect in physics) discovered by scientists has repeatedly verified that coherence in collective consciousness and positivity and harmony in national consciousness can be produced through the group practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation (TM). This has proved to be a formula to create irreversible world peace and Heaven on Earth.

The Extended Maharishi Effect

In 1976, with the introduction of the more advanced TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying, a more powerful effect was expected. The first major test of this prediction took place in 1978 during Maharishi’s Global Ideal Society Campaign in 108 countries: crime rate was reduced everywhere. This global research demonstrated a new formula: the square root of one per cent of a population practising Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the TM-Sidhi Programme, morning and evening together in one place, is sufficient to neutralize negative tendencies and promote positive trends throughout the whole population.

Even a few hundred individuals practising Maharishi’s Vedic Technology of Transcendental Meditation (TM), the TM-Sidhi Programme, and Yogic Flying, bring life in accordance with Natural Law (see Appendix 4-Results of Scientific Research) for the whole nation. This finding was repeatedly verified on the community, provincial, and national level.

The Global Maharishi Effect

The Global Maharishi Effect was produced by the group practice of 7,000 Yogic Flyers—7,000 being approximately the square root of one per cent of the world’s population. [Editor’s note: the population of the world has increased since this paper was published in 1995, thus increasing this number to approximately 9,000. See “Square Root of One Percent of the Population Calculator.“]

The Global Maharishi Effect was witnessed during three large “World Peace Assemblies” which were held over a period of two to three weeks in the U.S.A., Holland, and India (see Appendix 4-Results of Scientific Research).

The phenomenon of the Global Maharishi Effect is known in physics as the “Field Effect”, the effect of coherence and positivity produced from the field of infinite correlation—the self-referral field of least excitation of consciousness—the field of Transcendental Consciousness, which is basic to creation and permeates all life everywhere.

The greatest demonstration of the Global Maharishi Effect so far was evidenced when the enmity between the two superpowers (Soviet Union and U.S.A.) ended in a friendly handshake (1988).

The supreme demonstration of the Global Maharishi Effect will be when every sovereign government rises to invincibility through a PREVENTION WING of its military.

Appendix 4. Results of Scientific Research

The following are summaries of a few research papers on Transcendental Meditation (TM), the TM-Sidhi Programme, the Maharishi Effect, and the Extended Maharishi Effect.

More than 500 scientific research studies, conducted in 27 countries at 214 universities and research institutes, verify the positive effects of the practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM). Transcendental Meditation is thus worldwide the most thoroughly researched and most recognized meditation technique. The following are some selected research findings, with their references:

I. Transcendental Meditation (TM):

– Reduced Anxiety; Journal of Clinical Psychology 45 (1989): 957-974.

– Increased Tolerance; The Journal of Psychology 99 (1978): 121-127.

– Improved Ability to Communicate; Zeitschrift für Klinische Psychologie 7 (1978): 235-255.

– Faster Recovery from Stress; Psychosomatic Medicine 35 (1973): 341-349.

– Decreased Insomnia; Journal of Counseling and Development 65 (1985): 212-215.

– Decreased Blood Pressure; Psychosomatic Medicine 45 (1983): 41-46.

– Decreased Serum Cholesterol Levels; Harefuah, Journal of the Israel Medical Association 95 (1987): 1-2.

– Reduced Nicotine, Drug and Alcohol Use; Bulletin of the Society of Psychologists in Addictive Behaviors 1 (2) (1982): 28-33.

– Improved Mind-Body Co-ordination; Psychotherapie – Psychosomatik – Medizinische Psychologie 6 (1982): 188-192.

– Normalization of Weight, Improved General Health and Strengthened Immune System; Scientific Research on the Transcendental Meditation Programme, Collected Papers Vol. 1-6, Paper No. 44 (1974) in ISBN 3-88333-001-9, Paper No. 238 (1980) and Paper No. 239 (1981) in ISBN 90-71759-04-3.

– Enhanced Creativity; The Journal of Creative Behavior 3 (1979): 169-180.

– Improved Problem-Solving Ability; Perceptual and Motor Skills 64 (1987): 1003-1012.

II. TM and TM-Sidhi Programme:

– Improvement in health indicated by a 56% reduced hospitalization rate for people practising the TM and TM-Sidhi Programme as compared to the norm; Psychosomatic Medicine 49 (1987): 493-507 and Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science 95 (1988): A 56.

III. Maharishi Effect and Extended Maharishi Effect:

– On seven different occasions when the size of assemblies practising Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation (TM) and TM-Sidhi Programme together in a group exceeded the number predicted to be necessary to reduce stress in collective consciousness (the square root of one per cent of the population), war-related activities in Lebanon significantly dropped, and there was significant and dramatic progress towards peace. War-related fatalities decreased by 71%, war injuries decreased by 68%, and co-operation among antagonists increased by 66%; Dissertation Abstracts International 49 (1988): 2381A and 85th Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Atlanta, Georgia, August 1989.

– Improved Quality of Life and Reduced Conflict in the Middle East: A study during the Lebanon war revealed a highly significant correlation between the number of TM-Sidhi Programme participants in a group in Israel and a “Composite Index” comprising crime rate, traffic accidents, fires, and the number of war deaths in Lebanon, and increases in the national stock market and improvements in national mood. The larger the number of participants in the TM-Sidhi Programme the smaller was the Composite Index of negative trends, and vice versa; Journal of Conflict Resolution 32 (1988): 776-812 and Dissertation Abstracts International 49 (1988): 2381A.

– Decreased War Intensity and War Deaths; Journal of Conflict Resolution 34 (1990): 756-768.

– Decreased Crime Rate; Journal of Crime and Justice 4 (1981): 4 ff.; The Journal of Mind and Behavior 8 (1987): 8 ff.; and 9 (1988): 9 ff.; Journal of Conflict Resolution 32 (1988): 776 ff. and 34 (1990): 756 ff.; Social Indicators Research 22 (1990): 399 ff. and Dissertation Abstracts International 50 (1989): 2203 B.

– Decreased Regional Conflicts; Dissertation Abstracts International 49 (1988): 2381 A and Scientific Research on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Programme: Collected Papers, Vol. 4 (1989): 2532.

– Decreased War-Related Activities; Scientific Research on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Programme: Collected Papers, Vol. 5 (1990): 3260.

– Increased Progress towards Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts; Proceedings of the American Statistical Association, Social Statistics Section (August 1990): 297-302 and Social Science Perspectives Journal 2 (4) (1988): 80-94.

– Increased Positivity, Decreased Crime: In four independent “World Peace Assemblies”, in Manila (1984-1985), Washington D.C. (1981-1983), New Delhi (1980-1981) and Washington D.C. (1993), the number of participants practising the TM-Sidhi Programme together exceeded the square root of one per cent of the population. In all cases a highly significant reduction in crime rate by 12 to 18% could be observed, after systematic increases during the previous few years; The Journal of Mind and Behavior 9 (1988): 457-486.- Decreased Hostility; Criminal Justice and Behavior 5 (1978): 3-20; and Criminal Justice and Behavior 6 (1979): 13-21.- Decreased Urban Crime Rate and Decreased National Crime Rate: Journal of Criminal Justice 4 (1981): 25-45, Journal of Conflict Resolution 32 (1988): 776-812 and Social Science Perspectives Journal 2 (4) (1988): 127-146.

General Literature Overview concerning the Vedic Defence and Security Technology:

Scientific Research on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Programme: Collected Papers Volumes 1-6, MERU Press and MVU Press, Vlodrop, Holland.

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