How to End Terrorism and War – About a Consciousness-Based Defense System

Posted on July 20th, 2010

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How to End Terrorism & War

About a Consciousness-Based Defense System

Do you want war? Deep down, nobody wants war, because it invariably involves killing fellow humans. Religious traditions largely prohibit the taking of lives. Yet wars have happened for thousands of years. Is there a way to end terrorism and war? Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the well-known Hindu Guru, Vedic scholar and physicist who revived the Transcendental Meditation technique from India’s ancient Vedic tradition, has the answer!

Maharishi’s Vedic Technology of Invincible Defence (MVTID) is a scientifically validated means to maintain homeland security without the need for killing or destruction. It has it origins in an ancient branch of Vedic literature called Dhanur-Veda. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, along with other Vedic scholars and leading defense experts, are reviving and reconstructing the preventive aspects of this ancient military science to end terrorism and war.

It’s a Non-Religious Technique!

The primary component of this revival is the use of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) and TM-Sidhi programs to reduce stress both on the individual and societal levels. In spite of its Vedic origins the TM program does not require Hindu beliefs. Over five million people of all faith or no faith, worldwide have learned this non-religious technique.

How Does It Work?

Maharishi’s Vedic Technology of Invincible Defence works on the theory that consciousness is the same Unified Field as described by modern quantum physics. The more stress in the collective consciousness of societies and nations, the more conflict in the world. Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs reduce stress in collective consciousness by creating an influence of coherence from the level of the Unified Field. If collective stress in society is dissolved before it erupts into violence, terrorism and war, then nations can create victory before war by preventing enemies from arising.

Studies published in leading peer-reviewed journals indicate that when one percent of the population practices the TM program, problems such as war, terrorism, and crime are alleviated. (Note: The more advanced TM-Sidhi program requires much smaller numbers-just the square root of 1% of the population practicing the technique together in large groups.) Scientists call the increased societal coherence that apparently results from these programs “the Maharishi Effect.”

Its Vedic Origin

Maharishi often quotes two verses from the Vedic tradition when discussing the use of TM and TM-Sidhi programs to create the Vedic ideal of a prevention-oriented defense:

Tat sannidhau vairatyagah. (Yog-Sutra, 2.35)

In the vicinity of Yogic influence-unifying influence, integrating influence, coherent and harmonious influence-conflicting tendencies do not arise.

Heyam duhkham anagatam. (Yog-Sutra, 2.16)

Avert the danger before it arises.

Should We Practice Invincible Defence?

In spite of more than 50 research studies on the Maharishi Effect (many published in leading journals such as The Journal of Conflict Resolution, Journal of Crime and Justice, Journal of Mind and Behavior, Social Indicators Research, Journal of Crime and Behavior, and Psychology, Crime, and Law) why does the world still face war and terrorism? Maharishi’s Vedic Technology of Invincible Defence has not been adopted on a large enough scale to prevent war and terrorism worldwide. This technology faces political and social hurdles, mainly due to its simplicity.

Scientists at the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy (ISTPP) are encouraging every country to train only two to three per cent (2-3%) of their military personnel to create a Consciousness-Based defense program that they are calling Prevention Wings of the Military. These military units would be given an additional group duty of practicing the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program twice daily.”

The Mozambique Example

So far, one country has publicly adopted Maharishi’s Vedic Technology of Invincible Defense—Mozambique in the 1990’s. Mozambique reported great success in preventing the return of civil war, as well as reduced crime rates. Meanwhile, according to an article published in U.S. Medicine, several governments are considering deploying Maharishi’s Vedic Technology of Invincible Defense. Retired Maj. Gen. Kulwant Singh, Ph.D., formerly a leading terrorism expert in the Indian Army, verified this on a world tour promoting this novel approach to ensuring homeland security.

General Singh and other leading scientists also gave press conferences and met American civil and military leaders, urging them to adopt this invincible defense strategy. “Today, the world is looking for a solution to violence and terrorism,” Dr. Singh said. “But bombs will never bring peace. Violence begets violence. I can speak this with the conviction of 35 years experience of fighting terrorism. If you want to bring peace, you must reduce the cause of violence, and that is stress in society.”

The End of Destructive Defense

The military has started to take notice of the notion of consciousness-based defense. Military publications including Britain’s Jane’s Defence Daily recently introduced the idea by several full-page advertisements. Along with the usual ads for conventional weapons—tanks, bombs, and armored aircraft—the paper carried flashy ads promoting consciousness-based defense. Just hoping that some day the world would be free from all fears of terrorism.

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