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News on Preventing an Enemy from Arising with Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) Revised 24 May 2010 issue
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Soon-To-Be-Invincible Latin American Militaries
Military Application of Transcendental Meditation Gaining Acceptance
Former Reagan/Bush Military Aide Published in US Newspaper On Invincible Defense
CAMS International Advisor Featured in Invincible Defense Videos
Fund Established to Help US Veterans to Become TM Teachers
Dr. Leffler Interviewed in Plausible Futures
Invincible Defense Publications by CAMS Members - Since 18 Mar 2010
Past Issues of David Leffler's Invincible Defense Technology News

Our current issue discusses the deployment of Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) by four militaries in Latin America. This new development has special significance for me. I traveled extensively throughout Latin America while serving in the US Air Force and experienced firsthand the political climate there. Later in 1978, while stationed in Germany military duties made it impossible for me to attend the special IDT course held on an island in the North Sea (referenced below in an article by Lt. Col. Chassé). Instead, the opportunity to attend an advanced course at the Ilse-Eickhoff-Akademie in Bremen was realized.

At the time IDT was deployed to prevent a nuclear attack on West Germany from the Warsaw Pact (an operation code named "Seven Days to the River Rhine"). Many of my meditating German and Danish friends were on such IDT courses. Because of the success of these courses I now have many happy memories of my assignment in Germany during such a stressful and dangerous time.

David Leffler, Ph.D.
Soon-To-Be-Invincible Latin American Militaries 

Four countries in Latin America are in the process of deploying IDT by establishing Prevention Wings of the Military by teaching soldiers the TM and TM-Sidhi program. At least one of these Prevention Wings will consist of 3,000 military personnel. I don't have all the details yet, but the leader of Latin American TM organization sent me these two pictures of one of the Prevention Wings for publication.

Secondly, another country has decided to implement Consciousness-Based Education throughout the entire school system. This new country is an addition to those mentioned in previous newsletters. For instance, the Brazilian government formally announced its training program for 1.5 million people. Also, civilian groups in The Netherlands (Holland), Trinidad and Tobago, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia already are staffing fully operational Invincible Defense Technology systems.

For the benefit of those readers of Invincible Defense Technology News who may not understand some of the terms being used here or the significance of these developments, I will briefly explain. 

The TM-Sidhi program (which includes Yogic Flying) is an important component of Maharishi's Invincible Defense Technology (IDT). Scientific research has confirmed that large groups of peace-creating experts practicing the TM-Sidhi program together can create measurable positive change in the surrounding population, including reductions in crime, violence, war and terrorism. The underlying mechanism appears to be a field effect of consciousness in which collective coherence within the group spills over into the surrounding population, dissolving the buildup of racial, religious, and political tensions in society that fuels the outbreak of violence. To create this effect on the national level, research shows that a country must maintain a TM-Sidhi group of at least the square root of one percent of its population. The powerful coherence generated by such groups defuses enmity so that no enemies arise, thereby leading to a more invincible nation.

Here is an example of how to calculate the size of these groups. According to Wikipedia, the country in Latin America with the largest population is Brazil. In The World Factbook, the CIA gives Brazil's population as 198,739,269, which when multiplied by 1% equals 1,987,393. The square root of 1,987,393 is 1,410. Therefore, if the military of Brazil wanted to become invincible, it would need to maintain a minimum of 1,410 Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) experts. The US would need 1,800 persons. A Military Prevention Wing of 3,000 soldiers well exceeds the square root of one percent of the population of any Latin American country. So the military leaders organizing this new Prevention Wing, and those in other countries who have launched earlier projects, are to be congratulated for their wisdom of deploying a military strategy of "overwhelming force" to ensure invincibility for their countries. 

Personally, I have received this news with both jubilation as well as a tinge of sadness. Part of the excitement and joy come from the realization of the awesome ramifications of this historic scientific accomplishment. These countries have based their defense on the Unified Field of all the laws of nature. A phrase from the movie Star Wars describing a force ". . . more powerful than you could possibly imagine" comes to mind. Is this an overstatement? Maybe not. According to the Harvard-trained physicist Dr. John Hagelin, the technology of the unified field is a thousand million million times more powerful than the nuclear force. Years from now, in retrospect, it is likely that this development may have far more historical significance than the US military's Manhattan Project quest to develop nuclear weapons. 

As for the sadness, those of you who have known me for a long time know that I've been diligently trying, for the last twenty years, to convince American military leaders to create our own Prevention Wing of the Military. Unfortunately, despite the extensive scientific research validating the efficacy of Invincible Defense Technology, as well as field tests by the militaries of Mozambique and Ecuador, the United States is still involved in two wars. Both could be quickly ended if the US military were to properly deploy Invincible Defense Technology. Perhaps the success of the Military Prevention Wings in Latin America will inspire the leaders of the United States to come from behind and win the Race for "Inner Space" in much the same way they beat the Russians to the moon in the "Race for Outer Space."
Military Application of Transcendental Meditation Gaining Acceptance

Paper by Dr. David Leffler on Invincible Defense Technology published in peer-reviewed Pakistani journalJournal of Management and Social Sciences

The following paragraphs are based on a worldwide press release sent out on 18 March 2010:  

Fairfield, Iowa USA - A leading scientific journal in Pakistan, The Journal of Management & Social Science (JMSS), recently published a paper by Dr. David Leffler titled, "A New Role for the Military: Preventing Enemies from Arising - Reviving an Ancient Approach to Peace." It indicates that the military application of the Transcendental Meditation technique has merit. Dr. Leffler discusses how militaries worldwide could use the Transcendental Meditation® and TM-Sidhi® program, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, as a non-religious and scientifically verified way to prevent war and terrorism. When used in a military context, these meditation practices are known as Invincible Defense Technology (IDT).

Dr. Leffler describes the concept of a "Prevention Wing of the Military," a group of military personnel that practices the advanced TM-Sidhi program twice daily as a group. A group that reaches a critical threshold in size has been scientifically shown to reduce collective societal stress. The hypothesis underlying this approach is that war, terrorism, and crime are caused by collective societal stress. The absence of collective stress translates into the absence of tension between countries, between religious groups, or even within individual terrorists. Dr. Leffler proposes that, by applying this non-lethal and non-destructive technology, any military can reduce societal stress and prevent enemies from arising. If IDT prevents the emergence of enemies, the military has no one to fight, so the nation becomes invincible.
"The paper introduces a new role for the military: 'Prevention Wings' whose purpose is to prevent enemies from arising," said David R. Leffler, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Military Science at the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, USA. "This new approach, derived from the ancient Vedic tradition of India, is supported by over 50 scientific studies. IDT can create victory before war, and can assist in peacemaking, peacekeeping, and peacebuilding." The size of the Prevention Wing would usually be 2%-3% of a nation's military personnel.

Typical Military Model vs. Invincible Military ModelLand-based Prevention Wings were successfully field tested by the militaries of Mozambique and Ecuador in the 1990s. The paper explains that sea-based Prevention Wings are theoretically possible. For example, carrier battle groups supporting IDT experts could be deployed to the Persian Gulf to reduce tensions in the Middle East, without directly penetrating borders.

"Since the military's primary job is to fully protect its country from attack by enemies, both foreign and domestic, all branches of the armed forces should also consider this approach," said Dr. Leffler. The paper concludes that preventing enemies from arising is both doable and economical. This press release was sent out from the United States, but due to the time difference, India was the first country to respond through an article distributed by Asian News International (ANI). The article was titled "How Transcendental Meditation can prevent war and terrorism" (Editor's note: this link formerly went to the Yahoo India NEWS Beta version whose link has expired). ANI promotes itself as "South Asia's leading Multimedia News Agency providing content for every information platform, including TV, Internet, broadband, newspapers and mobiles." The ANI article was picked up and/or inspired similar articles in these other India-related media sources:

India Times, Organiser, India Talkies, Daily India, Sify News, India Journal, Daily Times India, South Asia News, News Track India, New Kerala, Little About, India Travel Times, The Gaera Times, YaHind, India Vision, One India, DNA India, WebIndia123, Area Pal, Andhravilas, Armok News, Daily Times India, News Track India, The Indic Post, Andhra News, BuzzG, Buzz7, The Info Sage, MedIndia, NetIndia123 and Silver Scorpio.

Later The Times of India, the world's largest selling English-language daily newspaper published a similar article using the bolder title "Transcendental Meditation prevents war, terrorism." [Editor's note: the linkL http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life/spirituality/meditation/Transcendental-meditation-prevents-war-terrorism/articleshow/5715155.cms is now expired]

The international response to the press release steadily continued over time. For other media responses who picked up and/or inspired similar articles worldwide, see:

Medical News Today (U.K.), USA Today (US), The Independent (U.K.), World News Network, The Behavioral Medicine Report (US), FirstScience (U.K.), Ethiopian Observer, News Medical (US), Sindh Today (Pakistan/India), TechnoBahn Science (Japan), Australia.To (Australia), Psydir News (Romania), Tigrai Online (Ethiopia), Science Codex (US), Sign of The Times (US), Ethiopian This Week (Ethiopia), Daily Estimate (US) Aethiopica (Ethiopia), LexisNexis News (US), PsysOrg (US), R&D Magazine (US), Science Blog, Senegambia News, Little About (US), Ethio Media (Ethiopia), Science Bloggers, Massage (US), Plausible Futures Newsletter (Norway), Science News (US), Gambela Today (Ethiopia), Celbrifi (US), Impactlab (US), Spero News (US), Ethiopian Democrats (Ethiopia), Global Good News1, Global Good News2, The Uncarved Blog (US), Science News (US), Chem.Info (US) and Health News US.

Former Reagan/Bush Military Aide Published in US Newspaper On Invincible Defense

Seebald and Leffler

The US newspaper The Day published an editorial by Captain Raymond E. Seebald, US Coast Guard (Ret.) and Dr. David Leffler on Sunday 28 March 2010. Their editorial begins as follows:

"Wars start in the minds of men, and cycles of conflict ensue. So, too, can wars be prevented in the minds of men, but not always in the conventional way one might think. A new technology of defense has now emerged from a most unexpected quarter. . " See: http://www.theday.com/article/20100328/OP05/303289899

The online version included famous images of Maharishi and another photo of him with The Beatles. It also includes the diagram "Typical Military Model" vs. "The Invincible Military Model" taken from the The Journal of Management & Social Science paper mentioned earlier (see above).

The Day is published in New London, Connecticut, USA, which is the home to the United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA). CAPT Ray Seebald (Ret.) graduated from USCGA in 1977 and later served as a military aide to US Presidents Ronald W. Reagan and George H.W. Bush from 1986 to 1990. Seebald was instrumental in establishing the meditation room which is still at USCGA today.

CAMS International Advisor Featured in Invincible Defense Videos

"Nature Froze Out Nuclear WW III" at Vermont Vedic Health features summaries and links to videos by Lt. Col. (Ret.) Gunter Chassé, Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS) International Advisory Board member.

Lt. Col.  (Ret.) Cunter ChasseChassé is a retired German Air Force officer with 40 years of decorated military experience. He served in the German Air Force mainly in the Integrated NATO - Air Defence, alternately in commanding and staff positions. His presentations describe how Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) was used to prevent a nuclear attack on West Germany, code named "Seven Days to the River Rhine," and later led to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Chassé explains what led up to the planned invasion of West Germany by the Warsaw Pact armies. He presents maps showing the political and military build-up  based on previously classified documents confirming the decision of the Warsaw Pact armies to invade West Germany on Christmas 1978. He describes how the "Seven Days to the River Rhine" invasion was stopped due to strategic deployment of a coherence-creating IDT group on Fehmarn Island in the North Sea.

In addition to the Fehmarn Island group, another large coherence-creating group was assembled in Denmark. The group was located in Weissenhausser Strand, on the coast of the Baltic Ocean just south of Fehmarn, very close to the border with East Germany. The purpose was to dissolve collective stress along this border. Eastern Europe's water access to the ocean is only through the narrow straits of Danish waters.

According to Chassé, this calming of tensions was the turning point of the Cold War, and from then on relations between the two sides began to improve. Read more and watch the videos now.

Russian Conventional and Preemptive Nuclear Attack Plan (Red Mushroom Clouds) Code Name: "Seven Days to the River Rhine" NATO Defense plan (Blue Mushroom Clouds)

map of nuclear attack plan

Fund Established to Help US Veterans to Become Teachers of the Transcendental Meditation Technique

A fund has been established to help US Veterans attend the Transcendental Meditation® (TM®) Teacher Training Course.  

Today, US military-related personal are being diagnosed with high rates of stress-related problems like PTSD. According to an article published on AllGov.com, "One military survey of about 100,000 veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars showed that 31% had been diagnosed with mental health or psychosocial problems." According to The Chicago Tribune, mental illness-related disability costs since 2003 have soared 76%, "burdening an already overwhelmed system and underscoring the reality that the biggest costs of war are not often immediate or visible."
Our US warriors could prevent or manage such problems by learning the TM program, which stands alone as the most widely researched stress-reducing modality. Over 600 scientific research studies have been conducted on the TM technique in more than 200 leading institutions and in over 30 countries. The positive results have been documented in numerous scientific peer-reviewed journals.
"Due to the stressful lifestyle of danger and hardship, military personnel have their own unique cultural norms, ways of thinking, and language. They even tell time differently," said Dr. David Leffler, a U.S. Air Force veteran. "Because military veterans have also served their country under such conditions, they interact easily with members of the armed forces. For this reason, veterans who understand the 'warrior mind-set' are well-suited to teach the TM technique."
More information about the fund is available by calling (641) 209-9599. Information including online videos about the stress-reducing benefits of the TM program, especially related to PTSD, is available here.

Dr. David Leffler Interviewed in the Plausible Futures Newsletter

Recently the Plausible Futures Newsletter published an interview about Invincible Defense Technology titled "The Men Who Stare in Peace: An Interview with Dr. David Leffler."

The Plausible Futures Newsletter is a news service for the future studies community based in Norway. It is edited by independent researcher Ole Peter Galaasen. His organization "Plausible Fremtider" (Norwegian org. nr 980 624 390) is a "consultancy specialized in strategic news monitoring and analysis." 

This interview is a follow-up from the previous Plausible Futures Newsletter article titled "Invincible Defense Technology." This article also discussed the previous mentioned JMSS paper.

Invincible Defense Publications by CAMS Members - Since 18 Mar 2010

Since March of 2010, articles about the benefits of Invincible Defense Technology have been published in many venues:

Dr. John Hagelin and Dr. David R. Leffler (14 June 2010). New Defense Technology Targets Social Stress. Iran Almanac.

Major General Kulwant Singh (Indian Army, Retired) and Dr. David Leffler (7 May 2010). Preventing War and Terrorism by Defusing the Stress That Causes Them. South Asia Mail.

Major General Kulwant Singh (Indian Army, Retired) and Dr. David Leffler (20 April 2010). Scientifically tested defense strategy for Ethiopia. Aethiopica.

Major General Kulwant Singh (Indian Army, Retired) and Dr. David Leffler (17 April 2010). Scientifically Tested Defense Strategy for Ethiopia. Ethio Media.

Major General Kulwant Singh (Indian Army, Retired) and Dr. David Leffler (16 April 2010). Scientifically Validated Defense Strategy for Ethiopia. Ethiopian Democrats.

Major General Kulwant Singh (Indian Army, Retired) and Dr. David Leffler (14 April 2010). A Scientifically Validated Defense Strategy for Ethiopia. Gambela Today.

Major General Kulwant Singh (Indian Army, Retired) and Dr. David Leffler (14 April 2010). A Scientifically Validated Defense Strategy for Ethiopia. Ethiopian This Week.

Major General Kulwant Singh (Indian Army, Retired) and Dr. David Leffler (14 April 2010). A Scientifically Validated Defense Strategy for Ethiopia. Tigrai Online.

Dr. David Leffler (31 March 2010). Military Application of Transcendental Meditation Gaining Acceptance. MEPeace.

Captain Raymond E. Seebald, US Coast Guard (Ret.) and Dr. David R. Leffler (28 March 2010) All these ex-military dudes are saying is give TM a chance. The Day.

Dr. David Leffler (21 March 2010). Military Application of Transcendental Meditation Gaining Acceptance. Australia.To.

Major General Kulwant Singh (Indian Army, Retired) and Dr. David Leffler (21 March 2010). A Scientifically Validated Security Strategy for Australia." Australia.To.

Dr. David Leffler (20 March 2010). Military Application of Transcendental Meditation Gaining Acceptance. Senegambia News.

Dr. David Leffler (18 March 2010). Military Application of Transcendental Meditation Gaining Acceptance - Paper on Invincible Defense Technology published in peer-reviewed Pakistani journal. Newswise.

Past Issues of David Leffler's Invincible Defense Technology News

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