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Posted on January 29th, 2003

This article appears in India Defence Consultants. (French, Spanish)


New Delhi, 29 January 2003

Dr. David R. Leffler, an occasional contributor to our website has sent in this article, which emphasises the success of the so called ‘Invincible Defence Technology’ or the practice of mass Transcendental Meditation to prevent war and conflict.”

Project: Coherence” by Lieutenant Gen José Martí Villamil is the story of why and how he deployed Invincible Defence Technology in Ecuador. The article also briefly discusses his plans to deploy it again in the future. Ecuador is perhaps a South American success story. Its military used Invincible Defence Technology to quickly end its war with Peru. The authors suggest that perhaps India could learn from Ecuador’s example, as they claim that this human resource-based technology could be used to prevent further terrorist attacks in India.

Perhaps the Indian Armed Forces can think of employing this ‘technology’ in their never-ending conflict with Pakistan!

Project: Coherence

Prevention is the best way to avoid the dangers of war and terrorism. Terrorist attacks are nearly impossible to defend against. The build up of collective social stress is the source of war and terrorism. To permanently sustain peace, conflicts must be prevented at the source. War and terrorism could be prevented by reducing social stress with Invincible Defence Technology.

I was an instigator of The Coherence Project in Ecuador, a quiet test of an unusual military technology. I was both surprised and privileged to be part of this historical undertaking. But first, I implore you to review some Ecuadorian history.

Perhaps the longest and most intense border conflict in South America persisted from colonial times between Ecuador and Peru. In question were territories of the Amazon region and certain western plains near the Pacific Ocean. Historians suggest that roots of the conflict extend back to the Incas. But changes in territorial administration during the colonial era led to overlapping claims. With independence, states were formed with the boundaries that had already been established. Peru claimed its version and Ecuador set forth its own. This resulted in a new fratricidal war even before the independence campaign finished.

A peace treaty was eventually signed and borders established, but a number of armed conflicts occurred in subsequent years. In 1941, in the environment of a worldwide conflict between the Axis and the Allies, a brief military conflict obliged Ecuador to sign the 1942 Protocol of Rio de Janeiro.

Instead of creating peace, it resulted in tension between Ecuador and Peru, complicating diplomatic and commercial relations despite the integration of their economies and the similarity of their cultures. Sporadic confrontations continued between military patrols and outposts. In the first days of December, 1994, a face-off along a disputed section of frontier in the high jungle escalated into a major confrontation. There followed various skirmishes that created the risk of a new generalized conflict.

In those days, I held the position of Vice-Minister of Defense of Ecuador and received an invitation from Maharishi Vedic University Headquarters, in Vlodrop, Holland to participate in an international military conference. This conference would discuss the application of a new, unconventional preventive defense technology called Invincible Defense Technology.

Invincibility is a bold claim, and I was intrigued. Little did I know that this unusual human resource based technology would soon be used by Ecuadorian military and civil volunteers –– in what came to be known as “The Coherence Project.”

Invincible Defense Technology involves the practice of the Transcendental Meditation program. I had learned the Transcendental Meditation technique in the early 1980’s. Although I had practiced it irregularly, I was perhaps the only senior military man in Ecuador who knew of the practice. The coincidental timing of the invitation caused me some surprise.

It had occurred to me to present the invitation to the Minister of Defense, but I knew him well and thought that he would not accept Invincible Defense Technology. Although the practice of the Transcendental Meditation program need not involve religious belief, it originates from the ancient Vedic tradition of India. For this reason, I was concerned that I might be falsely accused of trying to introduce a new religion. I believed that the invitation was meant specifically for me, so I decided to approach my peers rather than go up the chain of command. What did I have to lose? I thought about the goals and they seemed to me to be more valuable than anything else, including my future career.

The border dispute kept growing, and it was impossible to hide despite efforts to handle it at the lowest possible level. I mentioned the invitation to the Chief of the Joint Command, a friend from childhood. Probably due to his trust in me, he was convinced. With his approval I immediately sent a message to Maharishi’s headquarters. The communiqué outlined our precarious situation and the impossibility for us to participate in the military conference. I let them know, however, that if they wanted to help us in some way, we would appreciate it.

In the beginning of January, a professor arrived, representing the Maharishi Universities in Spain and the United States. I found him to be an uncomplicated man, serene, friendly, and agreeable. He created a favourable impression with everyone.

Briefed on the grave situation, he confidently asked us to gather together the greatest possible number of volunteers. We managed to obtain about six hundred civil volunteers in Quito the capital city of Ecuador, and about three thousand reserve soldiers in another city. The Coherence Project got underway.

As the heat of a stove boils water in a pot, it generates entropy, which expands and stirs the contents. Much the same occurs with human passions. The best solution would be to turn off the stove, but sometimes that is not possible. Pouring some cold liquid into the container lowers the temperature and pressure, creating a state of greater molecular coherence and resulting in a pause that allows definite measures to be taken.

The main responsibility of The Coherence Project volunteers was to practice meditation collectively in order to generate widespread coherence in Ecuador’s disturbed, chaotic, pre-warlike state.

We were informed that certain European and North American cities with serious social problems had experimented with the program with excellent results, reducing violence and crime, and increasing economic growth, progress, etc. These positive trends, as well as other positive results, on national and international levels, such reduced terrorism and war, had been documented in leading scientific journals such as Social Indicators Research, Journal of Conflict Resolution, the Journal of Mind and Behavior and Journal of Crime and Justice.

Despite this carefully scrutinized and impressive research, we hardly dared believe!

According to Maharishi, the goal of Invincible Defense Technology is “victory before war.” He says the best way to achieve this goal is to prevent an enemy from arising in the first place. Due to historically long-held and deeply-rooted collective stress that fueled the animosity between Ecuador and Peru, as well as the heated environment of conflict that arose from this powerful stress, it was not possible to totally remove the stove of violent passions. We could only lower the collective stress level and increase our country’s coherence. But now it was not for preventing an enemy from arising (as the enemy was already attacking us); rather, it was to avoid greater confrontations.

Those gentle, generous, dedicated volunteers, answering their inner call, devoted themselves diligently to meditation twice a day, sacrificing their free time and time with their families. In the end, they received their reward.

To avoid jealousy between various commands, the technique was initially presented as a stress-fighting concentration mechanism that had been used successfully in high-level sports. The armed forces of various countries had also used it to reduce combat fatigue and facilitate breathing techniques for firing weapons. The idea was accepted and we had more than three thousand soldiers – officers, cadets and troops – meditating and creating a formidable wave of positive energy that could be felt at a great distance.

That was how the national coherence of Ecuador was enhanced during the conflict. The President made effective decisions and was able to galvanize the national will. The Minister of Defense and the High Command kept the nation informed and worked as a team. The middle ranks demonstrated their capabilities in combat, while small units and individual soldiers fought with courage.

It was the first time in modern history that Ecuador did not suffer a retreat. This was due primarily to the wave of patriotism that arose from the wellspring of Ecuador’s powerful new spirit of unity. I am convinced that The Coherence Project’s collective meditation was the key factor that brought about this change.

Today Ecuador has a new external threat, this time from violent narco-guerrillas infiltrating the northern border with Colombia. On the other hand, corruption and poverty remain. Despite these formidable challenges, the future looks bright. It is significant that commerce and diplomacy between Ecuador and Peru continue to improve. Defense expenditures have not greatly decreased, but neither have they increased. The two armed forces are now even at the point of engaging in combined maneuvers to confront common threats. Tourism has increased and cultural ties are improving.

Ecuador has recently elected a new President. I am confident that a true democracy is dawning in our country because Colonel Lucio Gutiérrez appears to represent the new collective desire for positive change in Ecuador. It is my hope that his new government will take the first step of the great changes that South America needs to implement. Peru, as well as other countries like Brazil and Argentina, appears to be aware of the need to change, too.

I am currently working with an international group of generals and defense experts that advocates Invincible Defense Technology. Our goals are twofold: to establish a new, larger and more powerful coherence group in Ecuador that will meditate and create societal coherence in support of the new government; to create the conditions necessary for economic and social progress that will lead Ecuador out of “underdevelopment” by 2025. Our strategy is to make Ecuador “invincible” in the sense that it will no longer have any enemies. No enemies, whether foreign or domestic means – no war or terrorism. We are now working with Maharishi’s newly inaugurated organization, The Global Country of World Peace (http://www.globalcountry.org) which promotes this goal in every country to create world peace.

The people of Ecuador aspire to a lasting peace, improved government, and expanded development. It is my hope that they will soon inspire others on the path of development, justice and welfare, and transform all humankind to becoming ONE without fear, guarded borders, terrorism and wars. This is why I am hopeful that our reinvigoration of The Coherence Project in Ecuador will again bring together those who wish to participate, renewing the coherence effect to achieve these noble objectives.

picture of Gen. VillamilLt. Gen. José Martí Villamil de la Cadena (Ret.) graduated as a second lieutenant of Cavalry from the Ecuadorian Military School “Eloy Alfaro” in 1962. He is a graduate of the Interamerican Defense College in Washington, D.C. where he later served as Chief of the Ecuadorian Military Mission and Delegate to the Inter-American Defense Board. He was a Professor at both the War Academy and the Institute of Higher Defense Studies and was a fellow of the Center for Strategic Studies in London. A former brigade commander, he served as Chief of Staff of the Army and Commander of Ground Theatre Operations, Chief of Staff of the Joint Command, Vice-Minister of Defense, and General Secretary of the National Security Council. He retired in April 1996, and now collaborates with the newspaper El Comercio and the economic magazine Gestión. He also serves as Deputy Minister of Defense for South America in Maharishi’s Global Country of World Peace.

picture of Dr. David Leffler

Dr. David Leffler received his Ph.D. on the topic of Invincible Defense Technology from Union Institute & University. His other academic degrees include: a B.A. in Education, an M.A. in the Science of Creative Intelligence from Maharishi University of Management and an M.M. in Education from New Mexico State University. He was a member of the U.S. Air Force for eight years. Dr. Leffler is a founding member of the Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS) at Maharishi University of Management. He also serves as a Peer Member at The Union Institute and is a member of the U.S. Naval Institute. Dr. Leffler has given presentations on Invincible Defense Technology at the Russian Air Force Academy, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and defense-related institutions in the United States. Dr. Leffler lives in Wappingers Falls, New York, USA.

Articles about Invincible Defence Technology, published in Defence IndiaDefense ReviewIndian Armed ForcesIndia Defence ConsultantsIndian Defence ReviewIndian Strategic Review, and Security And Political Risk Analysis (SAPRA) Bulletin, are also available at: http://davidleffler.com

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