Personal Message for Musicians from Dr. Leffler
Featuring Links From His Musical Pursuits:

I made many friends when I spent nine years as an instrumentalist traveling worldwide with US Air Force Bands. Years later, my musical talents still come in handy making new friends.

For example, in Seoul, Korea I presented my scientific paper about Invincible Defense Technology at the “International Sociological Association Research Committee 01 Seoul National University & Korea Military Academy International Conference on Armed Forces & Conflict Resolution in a Globalized World.”

While meeting with military leaders and scientists at the Officers Club in the DMZ, I sat in playing the bass guitar. Here is a YouTube video titled: Dr. David Leffler Jams with South Korean Army Divisional Band.

My wife jazz violinist Arlene Schar Leffler and I attended the Jamey Aebersold’s® Summer Jazz Workshops. Afterwards put on reunion concerts of the Dave Leffler Quartet (DLQ). Click here for an online video from one of our concerts.

I do not expect band leaders interested in hiring me as a sideman to listen to all content of this video as well as the many others listed below. To save time, I am listing parts where I solo. My piano solo on “Autumn Leaves” starts at 2:29.

The DLQ was an opening act at FAIRfest. Here is a fifteen second clip (our group appears at 1:55) of us playing the song “Wave” by the Brazilian composer Carlos Jobim.

I play mostly keyboards and sometimes guitar with the DLQ. I have played other instruments and have brought in guest artists to fill in:

Dave Leffler Quartet with Phil D’Agostino piano, Dave Leffler bass guitar, Steve Jeffries drums, Bill Vesely flute. Selection: “On A Clear Day.” I have a bass solo on this tune at 1:45 into the selection.

Combined Dave Leffler Quartet / Ron Dean Trio with Ron Dean piano, Dave Leffler bass guitar and vocal, Ira Goldberg drums, Steve Jeffries soprano sax, Bill Vesely flute. Selection: “Nature Boy/Girl.” 

The Dave Leffler Quartet (guitar single line and chord solo at 3:15) played at the Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts after a David Lynch (the movie maker) Foundation Veterans seminar and also for a Veterans’ Benefit Concert (my piano solo at 2:12).

I am also available at last minute to fill in on drums. When I was a guitarist with various US Air Force Bands, I sometimes played auxiliary percussion in the concert band and for this reason it was justified for me to study percussion (mostly vibraphone) at Uncle Sam’s expense with John Lindberg, the principal with the Norfolk Symphony.

Here are some videos from a M.U.M. gig with Doug Daller on keyboard, Bill Vesely on Flute, Tim Laughrin on bass, my wife Arlene on violin, and me on the drums:

Almost Like Being In Love

Take Five

Night and Day

Once I Loved

My wife Jazz violinist Arlene J. Schar and I have a jazz duo we call My Romance. On 2 April 2019 we were interviewed on a local radio station here in Fairfield, Iowa where we live. After our interview they played a cut from our My Romance promo CD.

Please listen to our radio interview and hear us play “Summertime.” This song is available by clicking on this YouTube link:

Our radio interview starts at 01:30.

I earned a Master of Music from New Mexico State University (NMSU) and I am a multi-instrumentalist who plays keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, and percussion, When not lecturing or writing about Invincible Defense Technology, I may be able to sub for musicians in the Fairfield, Iowa area. If interested, please email me at: drleffler [at] hotmail [.] com