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Voice of the Cape’s after five Drivetime Show has a national and international flavor focusing on issues making news where the biggest story of the day or week is analyzed. South African host Shafiq Morton interviewed American Dr. David Leffler on a unique solution to the growing violence in Ukraine. Listen to the 20-minute interview on online. This interview was inspired by Dr. Leffler’s Op-Ed coauthored with Ukrainian Dr. Mykola Didukh titled [ Invincible Defense Technology ] “Proven Strategy to Prevent Turmoil in Ukraine.” Their editorial was published in the Ukraine in English, Russian and Ukrainian and was picked up and published worldwide. This more recent version was published in Euromaidan Press.

Judyth Piazza interviews David R. Leffler, Ph.D., United States Air Force Veteran—The American Perspective Radio Program Show interviewed Dr. Leffler on October 29th, 2011 on the topic of Invincible Defence technology. The 15-minute interview is available online by clicking here.

Invincible Military Lunch” Institute for Defense and Business, Logtech Advanced Program in Logistics and Technology held on November 1 – 6, 2009.

Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) as a Means to Prevent the Implementation of IEDs” briefing about Invincible Defense Technology at a conference for military and law enforcement-in Washington, D.C. on 18 November, 2008. The conference was sponsored by Marcus Evans Defense, and it was called, “The Fifth Annual Countering IEDs: Assessing the IED Threat and its Evolution on the Battlefield and in the Homeland.”

International Sociological Association Research Committee 01 Seoul National University & Korea Military Academy International Conference on Armed Forces & Conflict Resolution in a Globalized World. Seoul, Korea July 14 – 17, 2008. Presentation also at South Korean government’s National Parliament Memorial Grand Hall. The title of the conference was “Einstein’s Unified Field Is a Solution for the Current Situation of Our Nation – Introduction of Invincible Defense Technology.” Presentation also at Korea Institute of Defense Analyses

Israel National Radio Interview with Dr. David Leffler—The Tovia Singer Show interviewed Dr. Leffler on December 28, 2005 on how Invincible Defence technology could bring peace to the Middle East. Introduction and 13-minute interview is available online by clicking here.

Presentation to Veterans of the American Merchant Marines on a scientific method for ending the war in Iraq in Newburgh NY at Gene de-Long-Hudson Valley Chapter of the American Merchant Marine Veterans. An article about the presentation appeared in The Sentinel, the official newspaper of Orange County, New York. Available online by clicking here.

Interview about Invincible Defense Technology on Enlighten Your Life (KKNW AM 11500). Program is archived online on this page.

Interview about Invincible Defense Technology titled “Victory Before War” on The Simplest Ways. Program is archived online – visit “Victory Before War.”

Guest on the program Radio Health Journal on the topic “Treating and Preventing PTSD in the Armed Forces.” The show was syndicated to 440 of America’s radio stations and is archived online here. Clarification: During a segment of the program Dr. David Leffler was introduced as being “formerly of the Army War College.” He served an Associate of the Proteus Management Group, a think-tank project since eliminated due to budget constraints, at the Center for Strategic Leadership, US Army War College. In this consultant capacity Dr. Leffler published on the topic of Invincible Defense Technology (e.g., “An Overlooked, Proven Solution to Terrorism” that appears in “55 Trends Now Shaping the Future of Terrorism”).

Other presentations about Invincible Defense Technology include:

Rotary Club, Greenwich, CT, USA, Russian Air Force Academy, Moscow, CIS, Institute for Theoretical Problems, The Russia Academy of Science, CIS, Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering, CIS, Wisconsin Student Peace Conference, The University of Wisconsin, The Union Institute Colloquium, The University of Maryland at College Park.