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CHINA: “Invincible Defense Technology: A Paradigm Shift in National Security.”

Posted on Saturday, February 17th, 2024

Nimrah Khatoon a journalist at BNN Breaking published this article entitled: “Invincible Defense Technology: A Paradigm Shift in National Security.” BNN Breaking prides itself for “…meticulous research and an unyielding commitment to authenticity.” “Nimrah approaches each assignment with thoroughness and an astute attention to detail.”

Embracing Invincible Defense Technology for Lasting Peace

Posted on Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

As published in ISRAEL: Jewish Business News, UNITED KINGDOM: Vigilance Security Magazine, INDIA: Defence News, Counterview, The Sangai Express, Indian Defence Review, AFRICA: Africa Global Village, ARMENIA: Yerepouni News, WORLD SERVICE: The Free Library, NIGERIA: Scorpion News Corp, Nigerian Voice, Opinion Nigeria, PAKISTAN: The Lahore Times, AZERBAIJAN: Azerbaijan Today, and UNITED STATES: OpEdNews. ITALY: Avio [read more]

Dr. David Leffler writes forward to “Evidence-Based Technique to End War”

Posted on Wednesday, May 17th, 2023

Dr. David W. Orme-Johnson [Forward is by Dr. David Leffler], (12 March 2023). Evidence-Based Technique to End War. OpEdNews. [Note: An article by Brooke Kato “Group meditation curbs tragedy on a national level: study” published in the The New York Post describes this 17-year landmark study published in the World Journal of Science. Dr. Orme-Johnson’s article about the study was first published in UNITED [read more]

Peer-reviewed study: Group practice of Transcendental Meditation may help decrease drug-overdose deaths

Posted on Wednesday, May 17th, 2023

A 15-year study published in the medical journal Medicina concludes that group practice of Transcendental Meditation® (TM®) and its advanced aspect, the TM-Sidhi® program, may help counter alarming rising trends in U.S. drug overdose deaths due to opioids and other drugs.

Så försvarar vi oss effektivt mot inre och yttre fiender.

Posted on Sunday, May 29th, 2022

Originalartikeln på engelska har publicerats i den australiensiska publikationen Space War, Review Nepal, Sri Lanka Guardian, Sri Lanka Gossip Pond, Sri Lanka Two, och i Azerbaijan Today. Av leg.läk. Thomas Nordlund, överstelöjtnant Gunter Chassé, dr David Leffler Hela världen känner djup oro och osäkerhet efter Rysslands invasion av Ukraina. Sverige har nu bestämt att överge [read more]